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  1. 1. Clean the dog's body debris. Before taking a bath, the brush of the whole body will be decorated again to avoid the more serious hair. More stubborn hairs can be cut off with scissors. The leaves and miscellaneous leaves such as leaves and miscellaneous objects are cleaned up.

    2, prepare for preparation. You need to bring it to the dog before taking a bath, so that you can control it when taking a bath. Turn the dog's ears with cotton swabs or cotton strips (do not use cotton balls, otherwise wash it half. The dog shook his head and the cotton balls fell) vertically with tannal -shaped ear canal, using chlinomycin, groundicoin, and venomacicin Or Ky ointment points on both eyes to prevent hair washing agents and dirty water.

    3, let the dog adapt to the bath first. Let the dog stand firm in the special bathtub, dip the proper water temperature to wet the whole body, and gently sort out the hair on the dog, so that the dog feels comfortable and quiet and is ready to take a bath.

    4, drip washing agent. First apply the hair washing agent on the back, rubbing from the back to the hips, rubbing the foam throughout the body, and then washing the dog's head, the ears, feet, chin, and anus must be washed around. It should be noted to avoid washing the foam into the dog's eyes. While gently scrubbing, hold the dog's collar with one hand, lest the dog jump out or get water everywhere.

    5, start flushing. The direction of flushing is to clean the dog's head first, then clean the dog's body, and gradually rinse backwards from the head. Don't grab your head and cover your face. After washing, you must completely clean the hair washing agent to determine that you completely washed the dog's remaining washing agent. It is recommended that you use the conditioner every time. The acid -base balance is conducive to completely cleaning the residual washing agent on the dog. These things remain on the dog, which can cause itching of the skin. During the scratching process, the dog can easily cause inflammatory infections.

    6. Wipe the dog dry with a pet dog with a bathing towel. The water -absorbent towels are generally sold. Remove the cotton ball in the dog's ears and clean it. Wipe it with a towel first, and then blow dry with a hair dryer. Be sure to dry it. The humid skin can easily cause the dog's skin disease.

    7. After drying, sort out the dog's hair, pay attention to whether there is skin diseases or the like on the dog. Finally, clean the dog's eyes and ears with toilet paper.

  2. How to take a bath correctly, do these steps to take a "comfortable bath" for the dogs

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  3. How to be comfortable and how to wash 1
    , but pay attention to avoid the eyes, nose, and ears, and then clean the anus glands for a long time ...
    This to rinse the foam. Finally Otherwise, long -term humidity can easily cause skin diseases

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