How do I get along with the puppy I just bought

I just bought a 2 or 3 months of puppy today. This dog hid when I saw me. It should be afraid of giving birth! How can I get along with it during this time? What should I eat for it? thanks?

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  1. First, the newly purchased puppy often has a period of discomfort in the first few days when it arrives in the new home. This period of discomfort is less than 1-2 days, as many as 1 week. As long as you pay attention to accompany it and build feelings with it, it will quickly forget the previous concern and adapt to your life.
    . In the first week, you should try to feed, talk, play, amusement, and make the puppy feel that you have endless fun with you. True friends, so as to establish a preliminary relationship between dogs and you. (Sormann pet goat milk powder warmly reminds you: Somann, the best love for pets!)
    . When puppy came to a new home, he always liked to smell the west and check every one in your room. In the corner, even drill into the closet. In this case, you don't have to blame or caress too much, because too much restrictions make it feel frustrated and even hostile to you.
    . When contacting the dog, the attitude must be amiable and must not have rude behavior. In order to speed up the establishment of dogs, the owner should bring more dog games, tease the dog to play, and often call the dog's name in a gentle tone to touch the dog comfortably. The time for each touching and combing dogs is controlled in 10 to 30 minutes.

    This owners in the family, and they must accompany the dogs when they come home from work. Game or training will communicate more, take it out to bend, eat snacks, etc. These will make the dog's heart comfort, then the dog will not have a low emotional phenomenon.

  2. 1. As soon as the puppies come, the owner should feed himself. After a long time, he can build a deep relationship with the dog, deepen the degree of mutual trust, and facilitate basic life training for puppies.

    2, puppies just bought from other places, but also help it overcome the pain of leaving the mother and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. Generally speaking, after the puppies come to the new environment, they are often highly nervous because of fear, manifested as melancholy, heavy minds, upright ears, stiff movements, and indifferent to your calling response. Therefore, try to avoid too many people. Onlookers and teasing, let the puppies rest in the prepared nest.

    3, puppies should have a fixed sleeping place. The dog has such a habit, that is, after coming to the new environment, it will think that it is the safest place that has been sleeping for the first time but not shocked. Essence Therefore, every night, go to that place every night before sleeping. In response to this kind of habit, you should choose the dog's fixed sleep place in advance, so that it will sleep there for the first time, and if the puppies occasionally naughty to sleep elsewhere, it is best to take it back to the original place to prevent it from preventing it from the original place to prevent it from preventing it. Go to bed again. The puppies are unwilling to change the place to sleep frequently.

    4, you can also take the delicious food for it to eat. When you eat, you can soothe it next to it.

    5, if it can walk out of the dog or walk back and forth indoors, and make a carefully smelling attitude, it indicates that it has basically adapted to the new environment, and the owner can teach and self -proper claims according to his aptitude. Hehe ~ ~

  3. I also raised a dog. It was only 2 months old when I first arrived. It was small, and I was afraid of people. I touched its head, talked to it, gave it more to eat it, just get familiar with it.
    The dogs have been raised for 1 month and are already familiar. It will be scared to bring it out to see strangers, but it will be very familiar with the owner. Ha ha.

    It what dogs you are. If it is a famous dog, pay attention to eating, some things will affect the dog's body or even affect it Dogs, usually nothing about eating, I eat pork liver bibimbap, and now noodles, meat, vegetables, and apples are eaten.

    Im attention to sleeping at night that the dog cannot be cold. The puppy who just comes comes should pay more attention to the environment because the environment is different. After a while, the dog is familiar with the environment.


  4. Usually it is very friendly to it. Even if it is afraid of you, you have to talk to it like a teasing child. Don't get angry at it, and occasionally give it a little delicious. If it dare not approach you, put it in the rice bowl, it will eat when it is hungry. When you take a bath, you should also gently, exaggerate it to wash it ~
    This you can eat it with sausages and steamed buns, digestion, drink milk.

  5. How closely hold it, touch it, put it on your leg to lie on your stomach (if you dirty on your legs). Then I will be familiar with you in three days ~

    This soaked in dog food to feed it with water. It is advisable to be light food. Don't feed too much, otherwise it will cause gastroenteritis. Be careful not to catch a cold, and there are small small, dog plague.

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