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  1. If the dog urinates anytime, anywhere, it is recommended to fix the bowel movement. You can put the urine pad to a fixed position, or suck the urine on the urine pad and place it in a fixed position.
    The dogs generally follow the last laxative odor to find it, and continuously conduct several tunnels to defecate at the specified location.
    This continuous tuning can be used to defecate or urinate at the position of the urine pad. Under normal circumstances, it is more useful for small dogs, but it is more difficult to adjust for large dogs, so large dogs should be excreted at home to limit their motion.
    If the dog meets the requirements, you can use food or snacks as a reward. Next time the puppy will remember that it is a very smart creature.
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  2. 1. Choose a fixed place at home as a fixed excretion place for dogs. Since it is convenient for dogs, of course, it cannot be pulled directly on the ground, so either buy a professional dog toilet or spread a few newspapers, just be a dog's toilet.

    2. In the early days of training, you should carefully observe the dog's behavior status. When you find that the dog turns around the ground, it means that it is looking for local urine. Timely guide the dog to the fixed dog toilet, and then encourage it to urinate.

    3. Generally speaking, pet dog excretion is also very regular. After getting up in the morning, eating about 30 minutes, and drinking water for about 15 minutes, the dog will have the need for excretion. Therefore, in these periods, parents should pay special attention to that once they find that dogs have excretion needs, they should be guided in time.

    4. If the pet dog obeys the guidance of the owner, excrete it at a fixed place. Then after the dogs are completed, parents cannot be stuck in their praise and encouragement. This is necessary to compliment and praise dogs.

    The training to the toilet in a fixed place is not a difficult thing for pet dogs. As long as parents can persist in training for a period of time, pay attention to timely guidance in life. I believe that pet dogs will learn how to go to the toilet in a short period of time.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer first. Pet your home with pets and wipe them cleanly to completely cover the smell of the dog.点 If you want to designate at home, you can put the urine with dogs or urine pads in where you want it to urinate. Except for that place, wipe it clean and cover the smell. Why is this? If you pay close attention, dogs will smell everywhere before solving, because dogs are solved based on the selection of smell. - Second, fixing the feeding time of dogs, tomatoes are usually wake up in the morning, I take it out to solve it, come back to feed, and at night, I will feed back after solving it outside. It can take it out the next morning. - Fixed feeding time is to develop good habits. Because the dog's time is very strong, after developing habits, it knows, what time, when I go to the toilet, what time is the meal. The tomato is going home after walking. You must wash your feet before eating. Sometimes I am lazy and don’t want to wash my feet.nFor 30 minutes after meals, it will excrete 15 minutes after drinking water. When they want to urinate, they often smell everywhere. At this time, I saw it smell everywhere, either take it out immediately, or take it to the location you want to solve. If it does not solve it, let it stay there for a while. If you finish your designated location, you must praise it, you can also give a small snack as a reward. Several dogs know how to get praise.nFirst of all, let the dog not eat randomly, the pet owner needs to do good care, and timely collect the dogs that the dog cannot eat in time, especially when going out, you need to collect the trash can; Habits, for example, dogs are stopped in time when eating randomly. If the dog obeys your instructions, give food rewards in time. Finally, if you bring a dog out, you can wear a comfortable mouth cover, which can also avoid the dogs from picking up things.n1 morenBleak

  4. Methods:
    1. The tools for preparing dogs to go to the toilet, such as waste newspapers, dog toilets, etc. In particular, you need to put these tools in a flat and safe place, but you need to stay away from the dogs to eat.
    2. Understand the time of the dog's urination so that you can bring the dog to the place where you urinate in time.
    This will choose a flat and safe place before urinating. At the same time, they will give priority to choosing where they have urinated.
    It if some dogs still do not take the initiative to urinate by themselves, it is recommended to put the dogs and dog toilets in a cage to maximize the dog toilet. At the same time Smell.

  5. It is also a matter for dogs to urinate. Do you know how to train it?
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