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  1. How can I have three months later. Training of urination
    It toilet training is also one of the important topics of owners. Especially when breeding indoors, if you do not do a good job of toilet training, the dog will urinate the bowel movement, which will make people hurt. Some people think that the dog's toilet will be used to the toilet, and the dog will be there as a toilet, and there is also an "toilet liquid" selling Arimonia's odor on the world. But in fact, this method of using urine -stained newspapers or toilet paper to keep the dog in mind the location of the toilet will almost fail, because the dog does not like urine in the place where you have your own urine. Even if the surface of the newspaper and toilet paper is already dry, only the little smell is left, and the dog will rely on his own sense of smell. When you smell this odor and think that "here is dirty", it will be excreted in other places. So how to do toilet training? The secret is the dog's habit.

    Wild dogs, after being produced in the nest, the newborn puppies cannot urinate by themselves. When defecation, the bitch will use the tongue to stimulate the rats of the little dogs to promote the leakage of the puppy. At the same time, the bitch will lick the puppy's dung urine to avoid staining the nest. If you leave the taste of urine and stool, it will become a sign of natural enemies. Therefore, when the puppy learns to urinate by itself, it will be excreted at the place where the nest is far away. This is the basic habit of the dog.

    It this habit can be learned that the toilet should be as far as possible from the dog's nest. "But when there is a nest when raising a dog at home?" Some people must have such questions. Now many people are free to move in the space whether they are raised on the balcony, courtyard or home. Make a like dog house, so that the dog can rest with peace of mind inside. Those who have watched Western movies or cartoons must be familiar with dog houses. The dog's nest is the place where the nest is replaced by the nest. Whether the setting of the dog's nest has a lot to do with the puppy's toilet training. Arrange the dog's nest for dogs, and then the toilet is set in a slightly soil far from the kernel's nest. When the dog leaves the dog's nest, take it to the toilet first to let it have the toilet. At the beginning, even if he said to the dog, "Hey! Hurry up!" It might not be able to urinate. Therefore, you can use iron wire to surround the toilet and put it in it. Before the dog completes the excretion, it has been locked in the wire mesh and the excretion is completed before it is put out. It can usually allow it to move freely indoors, but when the owner goes out or sleeps at night, it still needs to be locked into the dog house. As soon as you leave the dog house, take it to the toilet to excrete. After continuous practice, the dog will have conditional reflexes. As long as it goes to the toilet, it will immediately urinate. When this can be done, there is no need for a wire. It was mentioned before that it is meaningless to use the diarrhea without dogs. Therefore, after the dog is excreted, you should put it on a clean newspaper and cushion. This is the correct toilet education. I believe that you already know it. The main point is to separate the dog house from the toilet. When the dog leaves the dog house, take it to the toilet immediately to make it restrict this series of actions. When failed, the reason for 100 % is to let the dog move in the room freely. Let the dogs "live in the house" in the house actually make them lack their own private space. Perhaps some people think that letting dogs freely move in the room can reduce the generation of stress. In fact, the opposite is the opposite. Due to the lack of places that can rest with peace of mind, the dog will cause great mental stress. For dogs, the room is its territory as a whole, so it must continue to be alert and defense instinct, otherwise the field will be violated. Therefore, once a stranger comes to the home, like a postman, send gas, send a report, etc., the dogs will keep screamed and even attack. If you have given it a peace of mind from an early age, even if the doorbell rang or even thunder, the dog can ignore it.

    The people think that when dogs are small, they must immediately pay responsibility, suppress its head to smell the odor, teach it, and let it know that you ca n’t urinate anywhere. But in fact, this is a big mistake. Although dogs are punished, it cannot understand the truth of human beings and cannot reflect on themselves that they cannot urinate anywhere. Dogs will think that "if you urinate, you will be scolded, so you must endure it." Therefore, forcing the dog to hear your urine may have a temporary effect, but in fact, it is only because the dog feels "too terrible to feel too terrible "And endurance, after a while, it will urinate again. The correct method is to immediately bring the dog to other rooms, and the owner silently cleans the urine to remove the odor. Most of the reason why the correct size cannot be learned is caused by letting the dog move freely in the room, and there is no fixed dog house. It is the fundamental solution to find the reason.
    The puppy is irregular in young and small, and it is difficult to train. As a master, you must be patient. You must make sure it understands your name before training it to urinate, and you must also understand your praise and criticism of it. After you get up in the morning and feed every morning, you will take it to where you want it to urinate. Wait for it to be convenient. If you do it right, praise it in time. If it is not convenient for you to specify, you find that it is wrong to tell it in a harsh tone (you can use newspapers to slap the ground to warn the warning), and then clean the ground thoroughly to spray the deodorant agent. Repeatedly, puppies can remember where they can be convenient and where they are.
    You can do this:
    1. I heard from a dog training teacher that the general puppy will be excreted in about 15 minutes after eating, or about 15 minutes after drinking water. You can pay special attention at this time. If you find that the dog smells everywhere on the ground, please be alert, he is looking for the site to go to the toilet. In addition, when dogs wake up in the morning, they usually excrete (including urine and poop). After all you can see the dog wake up, he takes him to the place where you want him to go to the toilet, let him stay there for a while, and at the same time use a special tone to say "quick" to the dog (quick "and so on ( Be sure to persist, and even when he grows up, he often uses this password. The dogs really understand. They will slowly know that your password is urging him to go to the toilet)

    2, puppies are excreted many times. Most people like to let them go to the toilet in the urine pad or newspaper first. Some dogs will use diapers, but some hate this stuff very much. My dog ​​will tear the diaper pads crushed. I finally chose the newspaper. At the beginning, my dog ​​did not know that the newspaper was for him to excrete, so I used the newspaper to suck his urine, and then put the one who took the urine on the top of many newspapers (about 7, 8). Don't throw it off first. When you see the dogs smell everywhere next time, pick him up in time, put him on the newspaper, he will smell the newspaper that has been done, you have to stay next to it, if he runs Go out and grab him back on the newspaper. (At first, the area of ​​the newspaper can be larger, and then slowly narrow the size of the newspaper). What you have to do later is that you have to see the dogs going to the toilet (smell everywhere) or go to the toilet (in an incorrect place), you have to pick him up immediately and put him on the newspaper. Every day, a newspaper with his excrement is placed on the paved newspaper. Generally, a few days later, the dog knows that it will be solved in the newspaper. After he is familiar, congratulations, the first step will be successful. You can put a clean newspaper every day, because the dog knows the smell of smelling the newspaper to go to the toilet.

    2, the next step is relatively simple, you must slowly reduce the size of the newspaper (it can be changed from two newspapers to a newspaper size, and then it becomes half -piece. Local, slowly move the newspaper at the door. After the dog is used to the toilet at the newspaper at the door, you can take the newspaper away. When the dog wants to go to the toilet After this move, you must immediately go to the toilet on behalf of him.

    3, and then you can choose 5 basic fixed time in the day to bring the puppy out. (It is best to choose the best choice Dogs have eaten 20 to 30 minutes), if dogs have to go to the toilet outside 5 times, you also have to take him out. These will be extra 5 times. Wait for time. After a long time, the dog will know that that five times are let him go to the toilet. You must always use the password you will go to the toilet for him, until he completes the task. After the completion, you'd better wipe him and give it Your language encouragement and compliment let them know that they are right. Since the dog has a biological clock, it is best to be fixed for 5 times. So that the dogs will realize that they must go to the toilet first. Fully use these 5 times to complete the excretion task, and after not going to the toilet at home, you can insist on doing this for a while, and then you can slowly change the time from 5 times to 3 times. (Generally, if the dog is still small, you every day, you every day If you want to feed him 4 times, take him out 5 times, get up in the morning, and take him out after half an hour, 5 times. When the dog adapts to the toilet, and grow with age, you will grow. The number of feeding him becomes 3 times a day, and you can go out for 3 times. You can get up once in the morning, once half an hour after the Chinese food, and then once before going to bed.

    3. After that, your dog may be able to go to the toilet from time to time! To remind you, take the dog out in the early stage of training and give the dog for a maximum of 5 minutes to the toilet. Take it home and close it in the cage immediately, let the dog know that if he does not go outside to the outside, he has no chance. It is not until the next time you take him out to have a chance.
    Pay attention. When the dog is completely at home, you can put the dog in the cage until you take him out before you take him out. Go to the toilet where you sleep, so only one dog in the cage can only turn around to sleep. If the cage is too large, the dog will go to the toilet anywhere in the cage except him. It is troublesome to develop habits. It is recommended to buy a cage that can be used by a dog after adulthood. When the dog was a kid, put the carton in the cage, etc., just leave a dog to sleep, and then follow the dog with the dog. Grow up and gradually take out the carton. So you don't need to buy a lot of dog cages for the dogs with the dog. After the dog has eaten, you must close the dog into the cage. This can prevent the dog from anywhere. In the urine, the dog is not easy to move after eating It is not good for them. After half an hour after meals, hold him out of the toilet. After playing the toilet, you can put him out for a while. Then put it in the cage until he took him to the toilet next time. (This method is suitable for the training period and training on the toilet outside). If you want to play him out of the room, pay attention to see if he wants to go to the toilet. If he immediately brings him to the toilet.

  2. Put its feces in the bathroom, don't wash away, hold the dog to the bathroom and let it see it, pat your head patiently tells it to shit here in the future, and then pat it of its ass, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs. I will remember, try a few more times, it is best to catch it once or twice. It just wants to take it into the bathroom and let it pull it. Generally, it will get used to it, because it has its stool. Pull the place where you can clean it at home, don't leave the smell, it will not mistakenly think that it is a shit place. The wolf dogs that my family used to teach to the toilet was like this. When I was used to it, they did not pull the toilet. If someone inside it, it would wait outside the door. It was very interesting. If you can't, pull it out of the toilet door, so don't let your dog wait too long, remember to clean the floor.
    This should be patient with pets. Don't fight without moving. It does not understand because you do n’t teach it well. It ’s useless to scold and scold.

  3. Dogs will not naturally know where to fix the urine, especially urinating, in order to delineate the Gong dogs to pee everywhere. The easiest way to teach this is to teach this is to pull the position you are ready when all kinds of dogs want to take a while, and then give a temporary reward when she finish the urine. If you urinate or urinate other places, you can reprimand the dog. If you have a fixed impression, you will slowly learn to urinate in a fixed position.

  4. That is to train dripping `` `` `without the time when it urinates, you will lead it to the" WC "you prepare for it. If it is chaotic, you will criticize it. Large "wc" again `` `` to do right, encourage `` `` Touching it, you can rub it if you are lazy

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