5 thoughts on “Equality with dogs, how do you get along with your pets?”

  1. You must also pay attention to equality with dogs, and I am very equal and equal with pets myself. Because I think dogs are the same as us, they also have their own feelings, so as humans, we think we should also protect them. Although they can’t speak, they are the same as us. There are their own ideas, and dogs are also very loyal animals. Many times when they get along with humans, the dogs also invade all his own feelings to get along with us humans. In fact, in the process of getting along with the dog, we can also get along with the dog equally. I hope that everyone can also care for them in their usual life. Care and love.
    So, I hope that everyone can also care and love them. Do not hurt them in normal times, because they are also a living life. More often, they are the same as us. There are also their own feelings, and there are people who want to guard against guardianship. Therefore, I also hope that everyone can understand. At the same time, I can protect them in the future. Do not hurt them. Putting on peace and fairness.
    Dogs also have their own thoughts. We must protect them. Do not let them feel that human beings are creatures without emotion.
    Therefore, in summary, we must pay attention to equality with dogs, and I get along with pets very fairly.

  2. Emotionally recognize them and love them, usually pay attention to the living habits of dogs, and accompany them more. Dogs are very cute animals, but remember to use dog ropes in public occasions.

  3. The relationship between me and my pets is like this. First of all, it is necessary to treat them as well, because pets are like people, and they need to be caring and cared. Secondly, we have to give them delicious

  4. Friendly. I will encourage dogs 'correct behaviors, and also criticize dogs' wrong behavior, and will get along friendly at home.

  5. The relationship between my pets is like friends. In fact, pets also have emotions and are very human. As long as you are good to it, it will give you a good company.

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