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  1. People are usually not discussing who cats and dogs are smarter, and they regard them as their enemies. Generally speaking, cats are indifferent and easy to be frightened, while dogs are very close and have a strong sense of territory. But this does not mean that cats and dogs cannot live under the same roof, they just need your help. The following eight methods are worth trying.
    1. Considering the character of cats and dogs, not food
    The opposite of the public is that cats and dogs of specific varieties will not get along easily than other varieties of cats and dogs. It's just that you need to consider their personality and energy. If the dog is very sense of territorial consciousness and a good fight, then it is not appropriate to raise a cat that is easy to be excited. In contrast, old dogs do not like to have noisy kittens.
    If the cats and dogs are not individual, then you have to consider the spare plan and separate the two. Before adopting animals, you also have to ask the former owner or asylum, it had previously got along with other animals.
    2. Training your dog
    If you want to get along with the dog and cat successfully, then you want to teach it to control your impulse. When someone threw a biscuits, does it cross the kitchen? Does it jump high when it see squeak toys? If so, it is not suitable for living with cats. Because when it sees a cat, it is likely to jump up.
    Is before cats and dogs meet, you have to train dogs. Even when the cat and dog first met, you must tie the dog rope.
    3. Before the cat sees the dog, give it a piece of its own territory
    The cat needs a protected space. Given that cats are natural climbers, you better use the vertical space at home. Buy a tall cat climbing rack, put on a cage, or put a cat's nest on the bookshelf. In this way, your cat can observe the dog from a safe distance, or pass through the room without touching the ground.
    In the installation, you have to keep the dog away from the cat litter pot. Cats need to feel safe when they are in the stool, but dogs sometimes like to eat cat poop. This bad habit can cause its intestinal parasites. These bugs bring many health problems, including vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and anemia.
    Sometimes when you can't take care of it, it is best to prepare for the worst scene and put the cat sand pot hidden open space. In this way, the cat will not be blocked by the dog when it is halfway.
    4. Training the body and thinking of the dog
    The energy of the dog needs to be released so that they will control themselves when they are around the cat.
    If you do n’t have time, then hire someone to walk the dog or send the dog to the Nikuka.
    5, let cats and dogs follow their noses
    Before meeting, cats and dogs smell each other's bedding and toys to help enhance their feelings. In this way, they can satisfy curiosity and avoid fighting.
    6. Carefully plan the first cat and dog meeting
    Cats and dogs are like humans. The first impression is very important. Fortunately, they all like food, which can help them fall in love with each other.
    The first time when the cats and dogs met at their meals, tied the dogs, closed the door, and let the cats and dogs at both sides of the door. Cats and dogs can't see each other, but when they eat, they can smell each other's smell. They accept such a smell.
    This for a few weeks, at the same time, slowly deepen the visual stimulus, and finally let the cat and dog face face. At the beginning of making a dog in and out of the door or putting each other's photos in front of them, and finally let them face face to face. When they eat, they have a weak sense of existence. For safety reasons, first tie the dog, and finally release it when it is safe.
    7. Separate their food and toys
    Ploppy to meet their cats and dogs, they must separate their bowls. When the cat eats, when the dog eats, go to the dog's bowl and start eating. You don't know if your dog will care.
    The meals of cats and dogs, put their bowls in different corners of the house, or put cats in high places.
    The at the same time you have to pay attention to the cat's toys. Protecting toys may also cause cats and dogs. Dogs also like cat mint.
    8. If you can, consider letting cats and dogs grow together
    This to let cats and dogs grow up from an early age, it will be easier than waiting for them to get along with each other. Little cubs are easier to adapt to the environment. In addition, the dog was not so confident when he was a child, and his body was smaller, which made cats think that it was in a dominant position.
    , you still have to ensure that everything is smooth. Especially after the dog spent adolescence, after adulthood.

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