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  1. 1. Teddy dogs cannot control urination well three or four months ago. They will urinate anywhere when they are stimulated or interfered. It requires training. Put a pot in a certain place, put the old newspaper inside, and spread some sand or furnace ash on it. In a certain period of time (such as after feeding, after getting up in the morning, before going to bed at night), lead the teddy dog ​​to the place where there is a bowel. If the teddy dog ​​can urinate in the pot, the trainer celebrates Teddy dogs to caress or reward food. 2. Sometimes the teddy dog ​​does not necessarily urinate within this time, and it doesn't matter. After a certain time, let it go. If you find that the teddy dog ​​is not urinating at the specified place, you should have a severe reprimand after the line is finished, so that the owner does not like it, and then take it to the specified place. After patient training and training, the Teddy dog ​​can gradually develop the habit of urination in a fixed place.
    3. Pay attention to the training during training. The pots cannot move the place, and some sandy soils after the last time can be left in order to enable the teddy dog ​​to find a place where the stool is urinated through the smell. In addition, when the teddy dog ​​goes out, there is a habit of peeing on the side of the road. This is the nature of the teddy dog. It is different from the urination anywhere. health.
    4, be sure to bring the neck ring and guide it with a belt.

  2. Every time the dog has a small urine, you smell the taste first. Every time you see it when you smell it on the ground (especially after eating good meals), you must immediately hold it to the prescribed place, and then in it Wipe clean the place before, so it must be clean, so that it can never smell that kind of taste. I will do this in the future. After a long time, it will know where to go to the toilet, just get used to it. Then when I got home, we started to do what others said. Pay attention to observing it. Every time you eat a good meal, it will immediately hold it to the toilet. , But do n’t hit it. Their young hearts are fragile and are mainly oral education. Another point is to take it out for a walk (urination) once a day on time. It is best to once in the morning and evening. After a long time, it is more regular when it goes to the toilet. If you have a stool, you will endure unless we have something to take out for a walk, and it will not help but run to the toilet.

    We "stupid" of dogs is actually because the dog is too young or not sensible or the dog does not understand the owner. Things should be praised with cordial words and deeds, and sometimes some food should be fed to encourage; while using intimidated language or dogs can only get the opposite result. You must be patient, you must not be in a hurry, and speak mild. During the breeding process, the dog must be specified for taboos. In this way, with age, it has learned to obey. If you find that the dog does not allow it to do it, it must be punished. It should be pointed out that the punishment here is not a dog, but a severe scolding or patting it gently. But punishment can be implemented only when it is not allowed on the spot. To stop the dog "doing bad things" to grasp the time. The timing of correction is not after the dog is done, but the moment you are preparing to stop it from decisively and powerful to stop the punishment afterwards, it is wrong to understand what it does. To make the dog understand the owner's words and deeds as soon as possible, it is necessary to do it after the dog should do it according to the owner's "instructions", it will feel very happy, otherwise it will feel unhappy. If the dog cannot feel "training" is happy, then it cannot achieve the expected "training purpose".
    The still need to be explained here. The dogs mentioned earlier will smell the taste on the ground before the stool. The meaning of the dog here is natural, not letting you need you in your need Putting it in the place where it is specified, there is a paper with a stool or urine or a stool directly. It is completely wrong to do this; the dog loves cleanliness, it will not be convenient in the place where there is a stool; Just let it get used to letting it know and realize why it should go when it is convenient, so that it can naturally form a species condition reflection. Note, do n’t put it in the toilet for “control” because it is chaotic everywhere! You must know that the toilet air and the surrounding environment are not good for the skin of the dog, it is easy to get skin diseases or other infectious diseases, and this will cause great harm to the dog's body and mind! Be sure to have patience, love, carefulness, and dedication; for a long time, you will find that it brings you more than just troubles and troubles!

    If for reference only! I hope I can help you! Intersection

  3. Specific bowel movements are also convenient for the owner to clean the excrement, which is good for environmental hygiene. Teddy dogs took it straight to the play area after defecation, and also increased the safety factor of the Teddy dog ​​travel. These are some auxiliary methods to help Teddy dogs to correct bad habits. With good travel habits, our teddy dogs can be safe and healthy.nParents must have patience when assisting Teddy dogs to develop good bowel habits. They must also observe carefully and often review them. Otherwise, Teddy dogs are likely to slack down. It is difficult to learn things and forget things!nThe teddy dog ​​is very cute, but if you often urinate anytime, make your home smell the sky, do you still like pet dogs, will you often hold it? Of course not, so let Teddy dogs develop good bowel habits!nTeddy dogs are mainly defecated indoors and outdoor. Many dogs have developed bad habits that do not defecate with traction during the defecation. While walking, there are many unsafe factors, such as cars, running, random eating, and so on.nAlthough the price of the teddy dog ​​is cute, if the urine is always not good, the above method can correct the habit of the dog's casual urination. I believe that after your training and guidance, the teddy dog ​​can also become an extremely better than a one. Smart and sensible dogs.

  4. In fact, haha, dogs will urinate and BB after almost 5 months. They will not go to the toilet at home as possible. As for as a child, it is to put the newspaper covered with his urine in the place where you want him to go to the toilet. long time. He knows

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