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  1. First, curl sleeping position
    The sleeping position should be the most common sleeping position. The dog's feet were wrapped in the inside of the body, and his tail was next to his face. Such a sleeping position is not easy to lose, and it can protect your limbs, face, throat and important organs. Dogs presenting this sleeping position are usually outdoors, mild personality, easy to be close, and is a favorite dog.
    . Lift your feet sleeping position
    Although the dog is lying down and sleeping is strange, your feet will be lifted in the air, but the dogs who take this sleeping position are also quite relaxed. Because the sleeping position on the feet represents the stretch of the dog's back, the limbs muscles can be completely relaxed. Dogs that take this sleeping position usually have a leisurely action, independent personality, and not so sticky.
    . Superman's posture
    This is the sleeping position often adopted by puppies, because this posture allows them to stand up quickly. Once they encounter an emergency (such as the owner go home), they can get up immediately. Such a sleeping position means that dogs are very energetic and are a little energetic little guy!
    . Sleeping posture
    Many dogs will choose to sleep on the side, which means that they are very satisfied with the surrounding environment and feel that they stay in a safe space, so the sleeping position is not very nervous. This usually reflects that dogs like it and trust their owners. Dogs sleeping on the side are usually happy dogs, and they are also very loyal to the owner.
    . Flowing sleeping position
    The dogs who take this sleeping position are usually raised indoors. Because lying down and sleeping will make the dog's belly expose, and the temperature is easy to lose. Only when you live in a warm room can the dog cool the heat through this sleeping position. Dogs who are fainted with sleeping positions usually have a high degree of confidence in themselves, and their adaptability to the environment is also very strong.
    . Sleeping posture
    The dogs sleeping on their stomachs are basically not relaxed, because their muscles are in a tight state at this time. But don't worry, this kind of tension is not because the dog is very exciting when he wakes up, but because the dog has been in a state of playing, even if you fall asleep, you are ready to go out to play at any time ~ The dog lying on his stomach is very very good to sleep. Love to play, but usually has a little timid and shyness.

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