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  1. If it is cough caused by food to the throat, it does not need to be too worried. Give the dog properly drinking water to help them swallow the food.
    If cough caused by diseases such as pharyngitis and bronchitis, it is recommended to treat the dogs symptomatically to treat anti -inflammatory drugs. If it is a dry cough caused by cold colds, you can buy pets for pets for pets, cough syrup and other drugs for treatment , The cough caused by the stimulation of foreign objects such as dust and hair of the dog's throat. This situation belongs to the normal protective response of the dog and does not need to be treated. Take a dog to pet hospital for professional diagnosis and treatment.
    The feeding precautions
    The most important thing when feeding is to give the dog a ten -minute meal time limit. Don't be afraid of the dog hungry.
    sm don't add some food or meat cans at will, which will raise the dog's mouth. The nutrition that dogs should have, and there is no need to worry about it.
    This can not eat foods such as shallots, onions, etc. Some dogs can cause such foods to cause red blood cell hemolysis and hematuria. Although the principle is not very clear now, it can be determined in the onion foods. Some substances are related to.
    The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog Cold

  2. It should be used to use the cephalosporin capsule for bronchial anti -inflammatory, and usually use the plate of Lantan as water to drink. This effect will be better. My dog ​​is described as you described.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello!nQuestion hellonHellonAnswer Dog's dry cough may generally appear symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, cough cough, and other symptoms. Individuals may also cause tonsil inflammation or pharyngitis due to throat pain caused by dyspnea, which reduces appetite or does not eat. Over time, the condition has spread to respiratory tract infection (trachea, bronchial) at this time. At this time, cough will be more frequent, and the nose turns into purulent or viscous nose, ends, spitting (spitting white mucus), dyspnea and other symptoms. At this time, at this time It is easy to spread to the lungs. It is more troublesome to treat pneumonia after the infection of the lungs.nQuestion do not runny nosenNot runny nosenAnswer you can buy special medicines for dogs and cough for dogs by yourself. For example, there is a dog respiratory medicine for "Putiate flagship store" Puandeono (cough and anti -inflammatory drugs) Putanx (Ping Astinating phlegm drugs) Putantexininon (removing relief), these medicines specifically treat dog respiratory tract infections, have cough, anti -inflammatory, asthma and phlegm, antibacterial and relieving colds, etc. The effect of treating bronchitis in respiratory tract infection and bronchitis; if the dog coughing continues for a long time, please pay attention to whether there is significant signs of cough at night. Respiratory infection, the disease is spread between the dog, it needs to be isolated and treated as soon as possiblenIf the cough time continues, it is recommended to go to the pet hospital for treatmentnMy answer you are satisfied! Thanks!n7 morenBleak

  4. Pay attention to listen to whether the dog has a snoring sound like a bang when coughing. Yes, there is sputum; no, it is dry cough. Alas, forget it, just give it to a cough capsule to eat it. Three times a day, one by one at a time. [In the evening, give me a little cotton jacket and the cover. The small body pet dog is more afraid of cold than large dogs. ] Put the capsule when you do n’t get in, feed it with your fingers with your fingers, and feed it in a few times. It will not spit out. If you vomit the powder in the ‘Huoxiang Zhengqi water’ or in the capsule; add a norfloxacin capsule powder in the diarrhea. Basically good. It's cold, pay attention to making a small cotton vest on your body [Make it with old clothes, how much can resist the cold, is it a lot of], it will be much better. You are so concerned about your dog, indicating that it is a lucky dog, and a owner who loves it [also a friend].

  5. People who have a cold and cough do not bring the epidemic needle to know why, that is, the human body is already doing a self -medicine, so it will have a fever and cough.
    Istly that the puppy is enough, it is sad for it.

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