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  1. Dogs have a cold generally referring to the dog's respiratory tract infection. After the upper respiratory tract infection, the dogs will have some symptoms such as decreased fever, decreased descendants, cough, sneezing, pyrophydal eye secretions. Ordinary bacterial upper respiratory tract infections can give dog anti -cough, physical cooling, encourage eating and drinking water, and give some ninosone eye drops for treatment. At the same time, the dog's self -matched nasal drop or commercial pet -dedicated nasal drop. However, some dogs have a cold caused by a cold, such as the virus of the virus of the dog. For colds caused by this type of virus, you need to give the symptoms to infusion, nutritional support therapy, cough, antiviral, etc., including the use of some biological agents, such as interferon, the corresponding virus infections Single clone antibodies, etc., can help dogs recover health.

  2. After the pet dog has a cold, the owner should do the following:
    1, first measure the body temperature. Clamp the thermometer under the axillary of the dog's hind legs. After three minutes, take it out and read the value. The value on the thermometer with the thermometer is probably the temperature of the dog's body temperature. 2. If the body temperature of the pet dog is 37-39 ° C, it means that there is no fever. At this time, the owner can feed the dog to eat cold particles to treat. For large dogs, a bag of medicine can be taken twice. For small -sized dogs, each bag of medicine can be taken 3 times.
    3. If the body temperature of the pet dog exceeds 39.5 ° C, it means that it has had a fever. While the owner feeds it to take cold medicine, it should also feed some anti -inflammatory medicine to help the dog's body temperature, such as Amoxicillin used by children.
    4. If the temperature of the pet dog exceeds 40 ° C, it means that it has had a high fever. At this time, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for infusion as soon as possible. A little delay may endanger its life.

  3. Pet dogs have a cold and go to the pet hospital for the doctor to show it, just take a little cold medicine on the pet hospital.

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