1 thought on “What does a dog's sleeping posture mean?”

  1. 1, side sleep type: If the dog is lying on the side when sleeping, it shows that its heart is calm and relaxed. If the dog likes to sleep like this, it also shows that it is comfortable and safe for the living environment, and there are no factors that make the dog disturb.
    2, fox sleeps: If the dog hides the paw under the body when he sleeps, the tail is rolled into a circle against the cheeks. This sleeping position is very like a fox sleeping posture. This sleeping posture also shows the nature of dogs. Sleeping in this posture can also save the body's calories to a certain extent, and play a role in protecting the limbs, cheeks and key parts. Generally gentle and easy -going, the dog's emotions are relatively stable.
    3, Superman Sleeping: Dog's Superman Sleeping position is that the limbs are completely stretched, and their heads are next to the ground. Dogs sleeping in this way are generally more sensitive, and their energy will be relatively strong.

    4, shadow -free feet: Although this sleeping position looks strange, it shows that the dog is extremely confident and also trusts his environment. Dogs who like to sleep like this are generally more independent, and they also have absolute trust in the owner.
    5, curling to sleep: Dogs are not very relaxed to sleep. Under such a sleeping position, the dog's muscles will be too tight, which also shows that the dog's energy is excessive.
    6, lethargic: Many dogs will lean back on the ground, the forelimbly on the chest, and the hind limbs straight up to sleep. This sleeping position will make the dog calm and relax quickly, which shows that the dog consumes too much too much Energy, the body may be hot and hot, you need to rest immediately. In addition, those dogs who are more confident and adaptable will also like to sleep like this.

    Whether it is a cat or a dog, the longer they get along with the owner, and the sleeping position will become more and more "presumably", which is one of the performances they trust the owner. If you have other questions, you can also consult an online pet doctor.

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