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  1. Hello, I am glad to answer your questions.
    MNF pets now have many ways to get it, but you have different giving in different ways, of course, the quality of the pets is also different, so let's take an example as follows:
    The activity obtains
    There are many activities that can get pets. You only need to complete the tasks stipulated in the event. Generally, how many pictures are brushed or how many task items are collected. Such pet attributes are generally poor, but for players without pets or players who do not want to play games through gold, it is a kind of benefits that start with pets to increase attributes.
    In the box to get
    In the box can be randomly obtained by pet eggs, but the chance is slightly lower. The boxes need to spend money. Most of these pet attributes are average. Weeping, Magic Road and Mabas, etc.). Generally speaking, the purpose of opening the box is for medicine or other striking things. It is also worth noting that such pets can be sealed, so they can be bought with game currency on the auction.
    Make gift packages for major festivals
    The fashion gift packages issued in each festival will have pet gifts. Such pet attributes are excellent, but the price of the gift package is not expensive. It is suitable for players who have long been dnf for a long time Essence
    The pets built in the system are obtained
    This pet properties are also relatively average. Generally, they must be obtained through daily tasks. Tes, unicorn). It is suitable for players who intend to enter the pit for a long time and have plenty of time, but refuse to get gold.

  2. 1. Open the box, now called a crit rabbit gift box, you can open a dragon girl pet, the attributes are good. Of course, other ordinary pets can also be made. This kind of box is dropped, but you must go to the mall to buy a lucky magic hammer to open it. How many gift boxes do you buy?

    but this thing looks at the face. If you are not lucky to open dozens of pets, you do n’t have pets.
    2. If you do n’t want a good gift package pet, go directly to the auction house to search for pet capsules. Many pets will appear in the seal capsules, such as mini creation, mini dark samurai, etc. are ordinary pets with good. (Ordinary pets are relative to gift packages. The gift package pets are Dragon Girls, Kirin, and Snow Lotus. Generally, they can only be obtained by buying festival gift packages. Sometimes they can be opened from the box. To.
    3, do it yourself. Grandma Olan has a daily task. After finishing a material, you can save dozens of, add a vitality fragment, you can make pets through the design drawings sold by Grandma Olan, such as mini ice tigers, mini Rotus, etc. Essence But the attribute is not good, it is not recommended to do it, it is better to buy auction house.
    4. After the counterattack after the siege, the medal of the chaser was finished. This material can be exchanged for Goblin pets at the Panda. The attributes are not good.
    5, is there any more? I think of these for the time being.

  3. What is the pet that can be knocked on the magic box
    This star magic box needs to be opened with "magic hammer", "magic hammer" can be purchased in the game mall. Every time a magic box is opened, 4 magic hammers are required.
    ● After the magic box is turned on, you can obtain the props in the game mall (except for fashion). In addition, there is a chance that you can get the three title of "Belief Fragments", "Fighting Broken Fragments", and "Guardian Fragments". ● There is also a mysterious title design in the magic box. It can combine the above three pieces of fragments and condenses into a more powerful mysterious power- "God of Osiris", "Ninulta", "Gunisa God" The three god -level titles
    The water of pets and forgotten river may also be the full attack of girls or Remy's assistance, as well as speakers. Grade -grade adjustment box
    but the chance of pets is not very large
    S safety. You should consider
    because you do n’t necessarily knock out good things
    nI wish you good luck! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

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