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  1. Feeding dogs eat food:
    1. Carrots are very common foods. Its rich in vitamin A has antioxidant effects, can also promote digestion, and it is also good for teeth health. It is recommended to mix with dog food after cooking, and do not too much, because more can cause vitamin A poisoning.
    2, pumpkin also has a good effect on maintaining the health of the dog's urinary tract, and is rich in dietary fiber, which can play a certain role in improving the dog's constipation or diarrhea. Feeding is recommended like carrots, chopped after cooking.
    3. The liver has always been delicious in the eyes of dogs. It contains protein and vitamins. The growth of dogs also needs to be supplemented in time. It is not recommended to feed too much. It ’s good to eat it occasionally. Like carrots, more can cause vitamin A poisoning and inhibit the absorption of vitamin D and cause calcium deficiency.
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  2. Nowadays, dog food is all over, I do n’t know how to start. Today, let ’s talk about how to choose dog food!
    1. Seeing nutritional composition table:
    18%~ 23%is a low -end dog food, 23%to 26%is a mid -range dog food, 26%to 35%is high -end dog food.
    The protein source must be animal protein, not plant protein, determine whether protein is high -quality to see amino acids, whether 18 amino acids are complete, and the total proportion of total protein and amino acids is 1 to 1.5
    2, watch dogs see dogs The grain formula
    Is good dog food, the proportion of meat is very high, and the first three positions are meat. Poor dog food is based on grains (wheat corn) as the main ingredients. Plant protein powder and soybean meal accounted for a high proportion and very small meat content. Do not choose dog food with flavored enhanced agents, pet composite seasoning.

    3, the color and smell of dog food
    The color of good dog food is generally brown or brown, the darker the color, the better. Poor dog food is often yellow (the color of the grains).
    The smell of good dog food, smelling a faint flavor, light and not strong pungent. If the dog food smells strange, or it is very stinky, it is basically adding a temptation.
    4, look at crude fat content
    is generally 14%to 17%. It is too high to make dogs have pancreatitis, fatty liver, and soft stool.
    5. Seeing salt content
    This dogs cannot eat too salty. Choose dog food to see the "water -soluble chloride" in the ingredient table. Dogs are prone to problems such as tears and renal failure.
    The dog food with good taste of dog food, tastes light and non -greasy, without strange smell. Dog food with poor quality often tastes salty, strange, and greasy.
    6, the transparency of dog food
    A good dog food will actively disclose the proportion of raw materials, as well as quality inspection reports. Poor dog food will be covered, and the raw material tables are not disclosed.

  3. Hello, vegetables: cabbage, spinach, carrots, potatoes (not salt) or other vegetable dogs that do not need to be cooked can be eaten. It is best not to cook the dishes, so that you can completely retain the nutritional ingredients. Generally, the fruits are also very good. You can eat more for dogs. The grain 5 can be eaten. You can eat soybeans every day, but you must cook it because the fiber content is relatively high.
    Meat: Pork u003CAvoid high fat parts> Beef u003Cbest to mature or not boiled> Chicken u003Cmore mild> internal organs u003Cdog loves to eat but avoid eating 3 poultry internal organs too much to eat too much internal organs It will stop for a period of 1 week because the 3 poultry contains too much vitamin> Eggs are the best nutritional products for puppies or dogs that have been sick or nurtured. It is easy to absorb, and catfish can only eat fish. The female dog who nurtured the cub can help supplement protein and milk, but 1 must not have fish bones, and they will kill the dog.
    Bone bone: The bone head pork bone is the easiest to absorb the dog. It can supplement calcium to the stomach, but the disadvantage is that the fat contains too much. The best part is the spine bone bone. Dogs eat spine or pork rib cartilage, thigh bone can give dogs to help the dog's teeth develop, face muscle growth, etc.; and it is less cheaper, less than 1 kg, chicken bone, can only give dogs to eat sternum u003Cchicken chicken u003Cchicken chicken chicken u003Cc chicken chickens u003Cchicken chicken chicken u003Cchicken chicken chicken u003Cc chicken chicken Shells> The parts that must be cooked and grinded, especially careful, non -softened, non -rotten, must not give dogs to death or cut into intestines, because cheap, can help dogs absorb calcium and less fat content.
    soup: beef pork, fish, chicken and other soups are particularly good to drink dogs. They are particularly good for puppies or feeded bitch soup to increase milk> Milk or milk powder requires dilution to dilute the proportion of water adding water at 30-80%puppies. Bone or small and sharp bones u003CBecause it is not easy to digest or break through the intestinal tract because it is not easy to digest or break through the intestines.

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