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  1. Dogs eat fruits, vegetables, meat, dog food

    1, lean pork: lean meat has less fat content, and contains a large amount of vitamin B1 that can promote the restoration of normal digestive functions. Although the dog's necessary intake is small, if the intake is insufficient, it may cause some skin problems.
    2: Egg: rich protein content. Eating dogs can become an important source of protein for dogs, but for dogs with allergies, it is also likely to become allergens. So pay special attention when eating dogs.
    3: Sweet potato: Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and food fiber, and the food fiber content contained in sweet potatoes is the highest. Especially the mucin contained in sweet potatoes is particularly effective for excretion special excretion stacked in the intestine.
    4: Banana: Fruits that can quickly supplement nutrition are the same for dogs. In addition to rich food fiber, there is also oligosaccharides that can promote the increase in beneficial bacteria in the intestine and help intestinal motility. Dogs with constipation or easy to eat stomach are particularly good.
    Note: Do not feed every day because the dog likes a certain food, and occasionally changing the taste, so that the dog will not be anorexia and picky eaters.
    It dogs are best to eat dog food. The ingredients of dog food are uniform and have strict formulas to ensure his daily needs. Can supplement his various vitamins and calories.

  2. 1. Now you can buy high -quality puppies, such as Royal, Guanneng, Youka, Ai Sis, Hills, Kangdor, etc. (Don’t recommend Baowue, there are too many pigments, and my dogs have stools after eating the stools. It is colorful, and there are reports from abroad that eating Baow Road causes dog urethral stones).
    2, 8 weeks-12 weeks of age puppies take it to a well-represented regular pet hospital injection of dog hexagonal vaccine while ensuring that the dog is healthy. The puppies above the age should be injected twice in a row, each time the interval is 3-4 weeks, and then once a year.

    3, and there are some things that dogs should not eat:
    In absolutely do not eat chocolate for dogs, because the cocoa alkali in chocolate will reduce the blood flow of animals to the brain. It will cause heart disease and other fatal threats.

    Mo drinking milk for dogs. Many dogs have lactose disagreement, especially when puppies drink milk more likely to cause diarrhea and dehydration, and severe death can cause death. If it is a puppy that needs breast milk but no bitch fed, it is best to buy pets for pets for feeding.

    sm not give the dog raw eggs. The cooked eggs are suitable for it, but the cooked egg yolk should be fed less.

    This does not give dogs raw meat, it is easy to infect parasites, and it is not easy to digest.

    It sugar is best not to eat, but if the dog eats toxic food or cannot digest, it will spit it immediately, then give it a small tea cup brown sugar water, which will vomit immediately.

    4. If you sell it without dog food, you can boil a stick noodles for drinking it. You can also feed the steamed sweet potato and pumpkin (my family now has a small dog. I give it every day. Drink the radish soup and stick noodles, and give it sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Sometimes the rotten trotters bones and fan bones are fed, and the dogs are healthy). When it grows up, you can feed some people to eat rice steamed buns and other staple foods, mix with vegetable soup soup and the like.

  3. 1. The daily food of the dog must have a regular dog food, and with a carefully matched with rich and reasonable nutritional staple food, so that the dog will thrive!
    2. , 1-2 a day, do not feed too much, otherwise the dog is easy to shed tears, and red tears on both sides of its nose will appear, which is very indecent.
    3. The bones are one of the favorite foods of dogs, but it is recommended that the masters can feed less if they can feed less. Dangerous.
    4. In summer, most dogs like milk -flavored ice cream, but a few dogs still do not like it. In summer, it is also recommended to feed less.
    5. Many dogs love to drink milk, but milk is recommended not to feed some dogs with physical deviations, especially for puppies who are not born in 10 months.
    6. Enter, this is undoubtedly the favorite of all animals! However, it is recommended to give them pork or beef, and it is best to cook enough soft meat in the soup. Pay attention to less salt and less oil. Otherwise, it will affect the gastrointestinal function and desire of the dog.
    This foods above are generally things that dogs love to eat, but still that sentence -don't feed too much about any food!
    High -calorie things will have an impact on health. I hope that all dogs will grow up healthily.

  4. Dog food, the royal family is good but a bit expensive. If the puppy can use low -fat milk powder to soak dog food, remember that the dog's stomach is very fragile. The things that most people eat are not good for dogs, and there is an appropriate amount of amount of amount. Eat some animals's liver, which is conducive to the fur of the dog, but you can't feed more. If there are too many vitamins inside, it will make your dog very miserable

  5. 1. It will develop a bad habit of mouth, turn around the table while eating, and see someone eating. Such dogs are easy to eat toxic things outdoors, or they are cheated by things like ham sausage.
    2. The rice oil is heavy salt, which is damaged to the dog's skin and hair, it is easy to get skin diseases, and it will lose hair.
    3. Nutrition cannot keep up, and adult dogs do not matter, but puppies can only cause growth and development of growth and development.
    It is okay to feed it to eat fruits. Dogs can eat fruits and supplement vitamins, but if the snacks are fine, it is not good for the body, and people should eat as little as possible. You can use leftovers to mix dog food to eat it, because it is difficult to accept dog food because of the dogs who have eaten people. Take it slowly and soak the leftovers with water. Eat it with dog food, slowly reduce the leftovers, and finally eat dog food and fruits.

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