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  1. As long as it is a attraction with access control and indoor attractions, almost no pets can be brought into. Here are a few fun attractions:
    1, Lijiang
    Lijiang tourist attractions: Yulong Snow Mountain, Dayan Ancient City, Dayan Ancient City, Yunshanping, Baishuihe, Ganhaizi, Bingta, Shuhe Ancient Town, Lahai City, Tiger Jumping Gorge, Lugu Lake, Lijiang Mufu, Dongba Wanshama, Sifang Street, Impression Lijiang, Yushui Village, Merri Snow Mountain, Merri Snow Mountain, Everywhere!
    2, Guilin landscape
    The Guilin wins everywhere. The scenery of the Lijiang River is especially in Guilin Yangshuo.
    3, Zhangjiajie
    Zhangjiajie is a provincial -level city under the jurisdiction of Hunan Province, China. It is located in the northwestern part of Hunan and the upper reaches of the water. It belongs to the hinterland of the Wuling Mountains and is one of the most important tourist cities in China.
    4, West Lake
    The characteristic is one willow tree and peach. When the peach red willow and green in the spring, tourists seem to be in the painting when they walk on the white embankment. The West Lake has beautiful scenery throughout the year, peachlings in spring, lotus flowers in summer, bright moon in autumn, and cold plums in winter.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer is relatively small that allows pet dogs. Scenic areas such as Tiantai Mountain can be entered. The owners should not blindly go out with dogs and travel civilized. 1. Yion Lauros (Shanghai, Suzhou): Yiolai is different from other Outlets. Its positioning is a boutique tourist destination, combining vacation, tourism The heaven of shopping (as low as 20 % off the year's luxury brands) is also a destination for tourism and vacation. In the street view of European style, shopping with dogs, watching exhibitions, eating food. 2. Sanya Beach (Hainan): The weather is clear all year round, a large beach and waves, and there is no crowded feeling of inland cities. It is convenient to go with dogs everywhere! Whether it is swimming or flying disk, the owner and the dog can have fun on a golden beach! Walking with dogs on the seaside avenue, blowing the sea breeze is indeed a rare enjoyment. Do you have a sense of picture with dogs with dogs and flowers? 3. Tiantai Mountain (Zhejiang): Dogs generally love animals that love outdoor activities. How happy it is to bring a dog to the mountains in the middle of nature. Especially when the weather is good, drive it to a little farther, watching it running around with excitement, the owners will feel so happy. Everyone takes a dog to the scenic area, and also needs to maintain the sanitation of the scenic area

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