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  1. What kind of medicine to vomit the dog
    What medicine does the dog vomit? If you do n’t pay attention to the dogs when you feed the dogs, it ’s easy to raise a dog to eat bad stomachs. Essence
    What medicine do dog vomiting 1 medicine 1 first step, see if there are small stained, dog plague
    , you better take her to test it, there are many reasons for vomiting: small virus can cause vomiting to cause vomiting Even vomiting blood, canine plague can cause vomiting, and pancreatitis can cause vomiting. Solution: Give dogs with antibiotic vaccines, pay attention to professional doctors, and do not advocate individuals to give the dogs to fight.
    Step 2, dog inflammation of the dog, is the dog gastroenteritis we often encounter.
    Dogs have gastroenteritis, which can indigestion, dilute, vomiting, etc. The solution, acute gastroenteritis, you need to give dogs 20,000 units per kilogram of weight feeding, and to the stomach to the stomach. Intestinal inflammation is performed twice a day, feeding should be feeded as possible, such as porridge and minced chicken. Note that the dog's gastrointestinal conditioning requires a long -term process. My baby has been ate for a month, and 6 packets are eaten every day.

    It Step 3, Emergency treatment: Huoxiangzheng Qi Liquid or Huoxiangzhengqi Water
    The people can generally not stand it, let alone dogs Putting it into the puppy's trachea, it will flow into the lungs, so that it is not easy to deal with it. People can also take medicines. Huoxiang Zhengqi is also eaten by people. : Xieli stop. Nobelfloxacin ... If you want to get an injection, it is best to injection under the skin. This is the minimum injection method for dog damage. It is also the effect of muscle injection (not advocated). Obviously.
    The fourth step and other circumstances will also cause dog vomiting.
    The dogs are cold, and there will be vomiting when a cold. For this kind of problem, you can give the dog some board blue root. If the situation, the situation can be given. If the situation Worsening and quickly sent to pet hospital for treatment.
    If Note
    Is see if your dog must vomit every time you eat.
    The depends on the excretion of the dog. We must pay attention to it. You must not feed some medicine at will. Go to the place where you specialize in treating dogs.
    What medicine what medicine should dog vomit 2 What should I do?
    Pymal is the most common phenomenon in dog breeding. Many friends are afraid of vomiting when they see their dog vomiting. In fact, vomiting is a protective response of dogs. It can be excreted from digestion or harmful substances to the body and has a certain protective effect.
    The causes of vomiting are many, and their expression forms are different. The most common causes are acute infections, such as bacterial gastroenteritis, small viral enteritis, food poisoning, etc. Secondly, pharynx and esophageal and gastrointestinal abnormalities.
    . Pay attention to the color of dog vomit
    In general, dogs are hungry and saturated, so as long as you eat over, it will cause vomiting! When vomiting, everyone must observe the color and shape of the vomit, so as to know what happened to the dog.
    1. If the dog spit out food, and immediately eat the food back, it will be okay. Such vomiting belongs to physiological vomiting, which is similar to anti -vomiting. Such vomiting does not need to look at the doctor.
    2. If you spit out saliva, most of them are the esophagus problem. Such as: esophageal foreign body (food is stuck in the esophagus, usually the majority of bones)
    3. If the color of the vomit is transparent or sparse, this is gastric juice, that is, gastric acid secretion of gastric secretion, this type, this type, this type Vomiting is the most common. (但是如果吐完以后就正常的,可以先不看医生,只要禁食12小时就可以了。如果呕吐持续,那还是要看医生,因为也有可能是胃肠道阻塞异物、或者肝脏、肾脏、 The vomiting caused by pancreatitis!)
    4. If the color of the vomit is yellow, yellow and green, it means that the bile is spit out. Usually, the vomiting of this color depends on the doctor! Because this represents a lot of situation, in addition to the above -mentioned liver, kidney and pancreatic problems, there are also gastrointestinal ulcers!

    5. The color of vomit vomit is brown, not the color of feed or food, but when the color of the gastric juice is brown, this means bleeding in the stomach. The most common is gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers!
    6. If it is bright red, don't hesitate anymore, this is acute bleeding, take the doctor quickly!
    . From the vomiting of dogs (details) frequency analysis of the cause
    This can also judge the cause of vomiting by preliminary vomiting through dog vomiting.
    1. After eating, a large number of normal stomach contents are vomited at a time, and no longer appear in a short time. This situation shows that the dog is eaten.
    2. After eating, or after eating for 2-3 hours, vomiting and retching occur. This situation is often acute stomach dilation.
    3. After eating, frequent vomiting, until the content is spit. This situation is mostly stomach, duodenum, and pancreatic diseases.
    . Copy measures
    Is when dogs vomit, first pay attention to observing the frequency, number of times, the color and quantity of vomit vomit. If vomiting is 1 or 2 times, there are no other abnormal manifestations, and most of the people who continue to eat after vomiting are physiological vomiting, which can be ignored, but this situation is relatively rare. Except for physiological vomiting, if vomiting occurs, the following measures are generally taken.
    1. Generally, vomiting does not affect eating, and there is no special treatment.
    2. Frequent vomiting affects eating, fasting and drinking water for 4-6 hours to prevent errors from entering the trachea. Eat gradually after vomiting, or supplement nutrition and moisture by intravenous veins.
    3. Sending and stopping vomiting, such as oral vitamin B6, stability, stomach recovery, atropine or human medication, or oral or muscle injection, you can also inject Etimer to stop vomiting.
    4. Excessive vomiting, longer duration, vomiting after eating, or eating after eating, at the same time, accompanied by other abnormal manifestations, such as mental weakness and high body temperature, you should be sent to the medical treatment in time.
    The dogs often vomit, and vomit is not food, and at the same time, there are different colors. It can be suspected of being caused by gastritis, gastric foreign body, stomach torsion, food poisoning, drug poisoning, or small virus disease.
    The overall point of view, although dogs often look at nothing after vomiting. In fact, in addition to physiological vomiting (anti -刍), it is better for dog owners to take a dog to the hospital to see more safer.

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