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  1. First, check the puppy after being bitten

    If the puppy at home is accidentally bitten by the big dog when playing, the pet owner should immediately check the puppy's injury and see the puppy's puppy Whether the wound is serious. After the inspection, if the puppy wound is severely or unable to deal with it, you can choose to take a pet hospital for the veterinarian.
    If the wound can be treated by yourself, the pet owner can clean the dog at home to avoid bacterial infections.

    . The puppy is pampered, and the wound is wrapped
    1. Before cleaning the wound for the puppy, the pet owner must first see if the wound is covered with hair. If it is covered by hair, the pet owner needs to shave off the hair on the dog wound for easy cleaning and treatment. Before the pet owner is cleaned to the dog, you can put on the dog's Elizabeth circle, which can prevent the dog from biting or licking the wound.
    2. The pet owner fix the puppy, clean the dog with physiological saline, and disinfect it with iodine. After washing the wound, sprinkle the pet on the wound of the puppy, and completely cover the dog's wound. Finally, press the medical cotton gauze on the wound, and then wrap it with medical tape and gauze to prevent bacteria from invading.

    . Food feeding and healthy food can help the dog wound heal faster
    When the puppy is injured, the pet owner should supplement nutrition to the puppy to help the wound heal. You can make your own dog rice. First prepare some vegetables or meats, cook carrots, cabbage, chicken and other foods before adding a little salt to season, stir well, and then feed the puppy. If the puppy has no appetite, the pet owner can also feed puppy rice porridge or fruit puree to increase appetite.
    Pungeon dog wounds to avoid inflammation.
    This reminder: Click "What is the dog injured" and learn more about the treatment of dogs.

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