Where is a pet dog in Chongqing, which is dense and cheap? thanks

It's best to be in the main city 🙂

2 thoughts on “Where is a pet dog in Chongqing, which is dense and cheap? thanks”

  1. In front of Liyang Department Store in Shapingba Pedestrian Street, and there are many open -air selling dogs in front of Chiang Douhua next to Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street, the price is cheap, and you can also bargain. But most of them are hybrid dogs (of course, very cute), and some are dog vendors. I am afraid that you will accidentally buy sick dogs, or too small milk dogs. If you want to buy it, you must observe first. I bought a little Sharpe some time ago, and I was a little frail and sick, and I took it to the hospital twice.
    It is a more regular pet shop. You can buy it with confidence. There are several pet shops along the Yangjiaping Zhigang Avenue, not many. But it is expensive, all of them are pure -breed dogs, with thousands of thousands of.
    I know that the more concentrated is the special pet market in the city garden of Jiangbei Chau. It is very large. It is a piece of pet shop. Pet supplies are also complete. There are many large dogs, big white bears, Su Mu, Husky, Tibetan mastiff. Essence Essence It looks pure. It is estimated that the price will not be cheap.

  2. That kind of place can't buy good dogs; if you want to raise a good dog, then you still have more money. If you don't have the ability

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