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  1. 1. Call the airline to make an appointment for pet positions in advance. This step is very important. If you do not book positions in advance, take it directly to the airport. The airport staff will not accept it.
    2. Prepare the quarantine procedures for pets.
    3. Prepare the aviation box or soft bag. The diapers should be placed in a dry object to prevent the dog from peeing or pulling up, and hang the kettle.
    4, 2 to 3 hours in advance to the airport, pay attention to it, you must not wait for too late.
    Correctly selecting pet consignment companies:

    1. Pay attention to the brand, choose the older pet consignment company,
    2, check the word of mouth, you can search for the pet consignment company on Baidu or 360, check whether There are negative evaluations. If there are many negative evaluations, please give up,
    3, try to choose a regularized company, there are the industrial and commercial bureau's record and business license,
    4, check the company's pet consignment case through WeChat circle of friends or the Internet To judge whether it is rich in experience,
    5, try to choose a company that can Taobao placing orders,
    6, for individual companies to require an oxygen cylinder deposit and a large amount, please refuse directly. The pets of pets are aviation aviation. Oxygen cabin, there is no oxygen cylinder.

  2. This is how I checked this last time. Now I will refer to you for reference
    A preparation for inspection and quarantine certificates. General inspection certificates are fine
    In the air ticket, arrive at the airport in advance, prepare the consignment box, and require breathable (the captain knows the consignment Pets will injected oxygen from the warehouse). After applying for the boarding pass, go to the luggage overweight counter. The overweight luggage fee is 1 % of the full price of the ticket.

  3. Before you have the quarantine certificate of animals
    , there must be a pet special box
    The two hours in advance to the airport
    This pets follow a flight? Consignment dog
    depends on the weight to pay
    See where you go
    one kilogram is one -fifth of the full fare charged
    You can extract the large -scale luggage of the plane
    The airport staff

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! It is understood that SF can not handle pet consignment. Generally, it is selected to be airlifted. The pet home consignment platform under SF, Goku Fengyun. The processing process is as follows:n1. Determine flight time and cabinnIt is necessary to consult and book the cabin two days early. Because transporting pets must be equipped with an oxygen cargo cars, re -ordering in advance and arriving at the freight office 3 hours before taking off can ensure that your pet arrives with you on the same machine.n2. Apply for check -in documentsn1. Animal Health Immunity Certificate. Pets can obtain animal health immune certificates after vaccination.n2. Certificate of disinfection of the disinfection of animal quarantine qualifications, animal and animal product carrier -loading tools. After determining the itinerary, bring pets and healthy immune certificates on the day or day before departure to conduct a health inspection of the animals and plant quarantine agencies. prove.n3. On the day of departure, bring pets, dedicated air boxes and the above three certificates to the Beijing Animal Health and Epidemic Prevention Supervision Institute for quarantine supervision and inspection. After the inspection is qualified, the epidemic prevention supervisor can be stamped with the official seal of epidemic prevention supervision on the quarantine certificate.n3. Check in the check -in proceduresnBring pets, air boxes, and three certificates completed to the airline freight office to go through the pet consignment procedures.nFourth, pick -upnAfter the airline issued a shipping order, the consignee was notified immediately the receipt number and the take -off and landing time of the aircraft. Under normal circumstances, the aircraft could be completed for one and a half hours after landing the plane.nRemarks: The product is charged at the above price, and the delivery is charged at the same city.nCage requirementsnAirlines require small pets (weighing less than 15 kg) to use dedicated pet air boxes. The opening requires tight wire and is a well -shaped packaging belt. Middle and large pets (weighing greater than 15 kg) should be lined with iron wire mesh in the wooden aircraft box and requires strong and reliable.n12 morenBleak

  5. Passengers should bring pets to the airport inspection and quarantine bureau in advance for quarantine. The essential information during quarantine requires the original pet health certificate, the disinfection certificate of transportation equipment (proof of disinfection of air boxes or homemade animal cages), pet registration certificate of pets, and the "Rabies Immune Certificate" issued by pet hospitals (injection date to the starting date 30 days). Fill in the "Inspection Form" and pass the inspection, and the inspection and quarantine agency will issue an animal health certificate. If you want to bring your pets abroad, you must apply for the different regulations of the animals in various countries
    sered these procedures, you can apply to the airline.

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