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  1. Pet dogs have won many pets of pets, so do you know what kinds of pet dogs are? Here are you carefully recommending pet dog puppy varieties, hoping to help you.

    Pet dog puppy varieties 1. Chihuahua
    Chihuahua, also translated as Zhi Doll, Qi Doll, Qi Huahua, which is the smallest of small breeds, elegant, vigilant, and fast, with well -proportioned. The physical fitness and the petite body are widely loved by people.
    . Bomei Dog
    Pome is a compact, short -back, and active play dog. It is a type of German fox dog, native to Germany. He has a soft, thick bottom hair and thick wool. The tail roots are very high, and the tail with thick hair is placed on the back. He has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity.
    three, poodle
    also known as "lady dogs", which is very smart and like hunting dog species. It is speculated that the lady dog ​​originated in Germany, where it is known for hunting dogs in the water Essence However, for many years, it has been considered a French dog. The poodle is divided into three types: standard dogs, mini dogs, and toy dogs. The difference between them is that the size of the body is different.
    . Big Bear Dog
    Native to the Mediterranean region and is a small dog variety. They do not naturally remove hair, so hair needs to be organized. The color is generally white. It was originally called the Barbine dog, and the back -shrinking was a Bear. Suspecting is the descendants of the Babit dogs and water hunting dogs. It is a petite, strong white puff -type dog, with a cheerful personality, which can be reflected in the tail and curious eyes from its feathers.
    The cute dog ranking 1. Labrador retrieved dog
    Labrador, also known as recovery dog, is a large dog. The reference price is 1600-8000 yuan, which is very suitable Selected guide dogs or dog breeds of subway police dogs and dogs and other working dogs are selected in public places. T sideal with Siberian Snow Clear Dog and Golden Retriever Retrimable Dogs. Labrador's IQ is ranked sixth in the world. His personality is loyal, atmospheric, thick, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, high, and very friendly to people. There are four colors of Labrador Hounds, namely black, yellow, chocolate, rice white. The most common is black and yellow. Latabado is currently the most registered variety in the US dog industry, especially friendly to children.
    2. Pentian
    Puixun, also known as "lady dog", also known as "rolling dog". In German, Pudel means "water splashing", which is a genus Inu Yako dog genus A kind of animal, generally 20-38 cm, weighs 4-8 kg, and has a life span of 14-18 years. The source of the poodle is as turbid as it is to drag out the water involved in the hunting bird. French long curly dogs, Hungarian hounds, Portuguese water dogs, Irish water dogs, Spanish hounds, and even Malzis dogs may be the ancestors of poodles. Poodles are divided into standard types, mini types, and toy types according to the size of the body size. The Vaporion has a unique temperament and changing shape. It has won the favor of many people, giving a beautiful and smart impression.
    3. Chihuahua
    Chihuawa is one of the oldest dog species at present. It is native to the Americas and has a deep and close relationship with the ancient civilization in Mexico. Chihuahua is the smallest of small dog species. It is elegant, vigilant, and fast. It is widely loved by people with a well -proportioned body and petite body. Height is generally 15-23 cm, weighs 1-3kg, and life expectancy is 15-17 years old. They are quite popular dogs, and their functions are quite wide-they can be the guardian of religion and a good partner of civilians. To the people, no grades are expensive, Chihuahua is a good friend of everyone. It doesn't like foreign dogs of the same variety. It has the characteristics of similar to the stalk. Vigorous. Small size, suitable for home care.
    4. Husky
    Siberian sled dogs, commonly known as Husky, commonly known as two. Siberian sled dog weighs 20-27 kg of male dogs, 16-23 kg of female dogs, about 53-58 cm tall, about 53-58 cm tall, and 51-56 cm in female dogs. It is a medium-sized dog. Siberian sled dog is a primitive ancient dog breed, living in northeast Siberia and southern Greenland. The origin of Husky's name is from its unique hoarseness. Husky has a variety of character, some extremely timid, and some extremely violence. Husky who entered the mainland and the family has no such extreme personality. It is more docile. It is a pet dog that is popular in the world. Together with Golden Retriever and Labrador as three major attack dogs.
    5. The Irish Snow Dog
    The Irish Snow Dog is an active, aristocratic bird dog. The color is strong red, strong structure, but very elegant. When standing, the shoulder height is more than 2 feet. He has a straight, delicate, and shiny quilt. The hair, chest, tail and legs are slightly longer. In the wild, the Irish Snow Dog is a fast -moving hunter. In the family, he is also sweet and easy to tune. It is suitable for children to accompany children. Frequently sorting out dog hair, but dogs are good and tidy. Breeding. It is important to understand that the common dog disease is important for dogs and dog breeders. Understanding reproduction is a better breeding offspring.
    The types of pet dogs suitable for home [1] Pentian. The poodle is also called "lady dog" or "rolling dog", with noble temperament and cleverness. The poodle is very easy to train and quiet and reliable. It is not only a suitable family partner dog, but also has a certain alert ability to help the housekeeper.
    [Two] Haba dog. Haba dog is the "Bagu dog", noble, elegant, kind -hearted, and gentle. Haba dogs are more able to eat, so pay attention to providing sufficient food during daily maintenance. Haba dog loves sports and should give a certain exercise time every day.
    [3] Husky. Husky is a Siberian snow pry dog. He has a variety of character, a group residence, and has a strong sense of territory. Husky's beautiful and cruel appearance is loved by many families, and it is lively and active. It is suitable for playing with family members without knowing tiredness. Husky's expression is rich and cute, and it is easy to make people happy.
    [Four] Chisha. Chihuahua is a small dog species, with agile movements, well -proportioned, petite and cute, and is loved by people. Chihuahua is full of energy, tough will, and likes to stick to people. Chihuahua is naturally afraid of cold and is not suitable for breeding outdoors. In winter, pay attention to keep warm.
    [Five] Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu, also known as the "jungle dog", has a sensitive sense of smell, strong guardian awareness, loyal personality, and obedience. It is a very good partner dog. Shiba Inu helps the owner to see the home nursing home, like barking, and the quiet family is not suitable for breeding.
    [6] Chinese pastoral dog. The Chinese pastoral dog is a Chinese breed, which is similar to the wolf and a docile personality. The Chinese field dogs are easy to raise and have high loyalty. They are the most common dog species for hunting or rural home care homes.

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