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  1. The poodle is a good choice. It is excellent and approachable. It is a loyal dog species. Very agile, smart and elegant dog, square structure, proportional proportion, strong and confident steps. The poodle swimming is very good, docile and easy to learn. It is a good pet of the family and requires appropriate activities. If you have enough time to serve, it is also a good ornamental dog.
    The most easily raised dogs are as follows:
    . Golden Retriever
    Golden retriever is a more modern and popular dog variety. It is one of the most common house dogs because it It is easy to raise, be patient, and do not require much requirements. As long as you exercise regularly, food and veterinary medical examinations are enough. The uniqueness of Golden Mao is that it has a pleasant personality, friendly expression, enthusiastic personality, alert, confidence, and not afraid of life. It is very friendly to children or babies. It is a well -proportioned, powerful, and lively dog ​​species.
    . Labrador dogs
    Rabrador's retrieved dogs are named after the origin of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Rabrador's retrieved dog is a large dog. He is loyal, atmospheric, thick, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, and very friendly. It is also very suitable for people. Guide dogs, subway police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and dog breeds of dogs and other working dogs are tied with Siberian snow pry dogs and golden retriers to tie up three major offensive dogs. Labrador IQ ranks sixth in the world dogs.
    three, poodle
    Puinting, also known as "lady dog", also known as "curly dog", is a smart and understandable dog breed. The Vaporion has a unique temperament and changing shape. It has won the favor of many people, giving a beautiful and smart impression. It is worth noting that there is no dog of Teddy. Teddy is not a dog breed. It is just one of the many cosmetic styles of poodles.
    . Pomegal dog
    Pome is a compact, short -back, and active play dog. It is a type of German fox dog. It is native to Germany. It has a soft, thick bottom hair and thick fur. The tail roots are very high, and the tail curls with thick hair are placed on the back. It has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity. Small and cute, suitable for being partner dogs, white and brown.
    . Shiba Inu
    Huho is a medium -sized and oldest dog. Shiba Inu can cope with the steep hills and the slope of the mountains, and has a sensitive sense, making Shiba Inu repeatedly become the superior hunting dogs. Shiba Inu is lively and active; you will play with your favorite toys all day long. There are extremely vigilant households to look at home care homes: especially to large types, and they are not convinced. The mouse and birds in the grass will be its prey and toys.
    . Samoyed dogs
    Samoyed, alias, Samoyed, was originally a breed of dog breeds cultivated by the Aboriginal Samoye in Siberia. Police, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble, elegant, and cute, have a very eye -catching appearance, strong physique, the title of "smile angel", and also known as "smile angel face, troubled devil's heart" Naughty and agile.
    Seven, chopsticks
    The ancient dogs native to Tibet, China. Some cultural relics can be seen in the Han Dynasty. The real name is 狮, Chow Chow entered a foreign country and returned to China. English Chow Chow, often as CHOW, is a very old variety, which may be named after its head resembles a lion; the Chow Choi dogs are beautiful, noble and natural, and the typical sad expression is even more interesting. Essence Now the cute appearance of the Chow Chow has been regarded as an ideal home pet, mainly as a partner dog. Personality is more dignified and can be used as a hunting dog, a drag dog, a guard dog, a partner dog.
    . The sausage dogs
    Dachshund (Dachshund) is a short -legged, long -body hound. Its name originated from Germany and originally intention "Digo". This variety has been developed into animals that develop, tracking, and killing crickets and other acupoints. Interestingly, although "Dachshund" is a German word, it is not commonly used in Germany. The Germans usually call it Dackel or Teckel. Native to Germany, now everywhere. The sausage dogs are relatively easy to raise in all dog species. Because the nature of the sausage dog is independent and autonomous, it is easy to take care of, and the instructions issued by the owner will quickly understand the obedience.
    . Border Shepherd Dog
    The borders shepherd dogs are native to the Scottish border. It is a kind of Keli Shepherd dog. It has a strong shepherd instinct. You can drive or rotate the flocks through the gaze of the eyes. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the world's dog -breed IQ. It is characterized by smart, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good at communicating with human beings, mildness, loyalty, and obedience. Its degree of loyalty can be described as follows. Because of the mild loyalty, the character is not screaming, it has become the most affected by the most suffering. The darling of urban population.
    ten, Yorkshire
    Yorkshire Terrier, which is a kind of small play dog. In addition to being smart, confident, alert, and friendly, it is stubborn. Generally, it is not easy to sort out if you like coquettishness. Because your feet are covered with gorgeous long hair when walking, as if moving naturally, it has the reputation of "motioned gem". Yorkshine's body is petite, with a small body in the shape of a small dog, and the hair is smooth as silk.

  2. Recommended poodles, butterfly dogs, Labrador dogs, border shepherds, and golden retriever recovery dogs.
    1, the poodle is an animal of the genus of Inuya. The source is as turbid as it is to drag out the water involved in the hunting poultry. Live, excellent temperament, and approachable, is a loyal dog breed. Very agile, smart and elegant dog, square structure, proportional proportion, strong and confident steps.
    2, butterfly dogs, also known as butterfly ear dogs and Babylonian dogs, are named because the long hair on the ears is named like a dancing butterfly. The butterfly dog's IQ is very high, which is equivalent to a five or six -year -old child. It is a member of the IQ in the pet dog category.
    3, Labrador, also known as recovery dog, is a large dog, very smart, alert, and understanding. The personality is docile, smooth, neither slow nor active. Friendly, loyal to people. I like to play, I especially like to play games with others.
    4, the border shepherd has a strong shepherd instinct, the natural nature, good at observing words, and accurately understanding the owner's instructions. , Ranked first in the world's dog IQ.
    5, the golden retriever is a variety of dogs that are more modern and very popular. It is a single hound. It is cultivated as a recovery dog ​​for hunting wild birds. The swimming battery life is excellent.

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