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  1. How to raise pet dogs, pet dogs are like names, depending on the difference in dog breeds. Then let's take a look at the correctly recommended pet dogs I carefully recommended for everyone, hoping to help you.

    This when the pet dog is raised correctly, try to soften the food as much as possible, soak it for him. This is conducive to digestion. It is a good thing to eat. But be careful that he is greedy, so it will be troublesome ... After weaning, eat less for the nutrition absorption of dogs, 3-4 times a day. Be sure to soak the food and eat it softly. The weight is that you grab it with your hand so full. At noon, add half a ravioli or pot helmet to mix with dog food and feed him to eat to relieve the movement of the kidneys and liver. It is very yellow, and I find it? You can feed some yogurt in the afternoon. After you drink it, the remaining bottom is enough for him to eat. The purpose of promoting digestion and gastrointestinal motility, and diarrhea. Slightly less at night than noon. Don't give him food before going to bed, otherwise it will cause excitement or obesity. For more than three months, they are growing. 3 meals every day. It is enough to grab the food in the morning, let him grind his teeth, soak it at noon, buy a nest, soak it with dog food, add vegetable mud or chicken, not like small, not small as small When you need to bubble, mix well, be careful of his picky eaters. Keep your baby grow strong. The relative at night is less than noon. Grasp the dog food, 3/4 buns, soak it. During this period, you must find him with a molars, otherwise your shoes or things you can't think of will suffer ... 3 months to 6 months will be a period of rapid growth in the body. Pay attention to calcium supplementation. At the same time, you can add it. Mao and lecithin promote brain development, and the baby is more smart and cute. Start changing teeth at this time, and sometimes bite things, be sure to stop. The snow is very skinny and very lively. Usually, it is the same as the starving ghosts of less than 6 months. Don't worry about eating.
    The basic training methods collected below. Suitable for whole dog breeds. Xiaoxue is very smart, but is stubborn, with her own ideas and attention. If the correct guidance is a good partner dog.
    The purpose of training dogs and owners to train with the owner is to develop the ability of dogs according to the host's command, approach the ability of the owner's left side side by side, and maintain the correct posture of not going forward and not behind in the journey. During training, first on the clean and flat ground, so that the dog swims for a while, pulls the traction band by hand, calls the dog name to attract the dog's attention. The pace is advancing, and we walk at no less than 100 meters each time. When the dog appears forward or backward, it immediately emits a "dependent" password to correct it, and pulls the traction 1 time to stimulate the dog. In order to form a conditional reflex of the gesture, you can pull the traction band with your right hand and put it longer. When the dog is out of the correct position, while sending a "relying" password, take your left hand with your left hand. Training can form conditional reflexes. When the dog can correctly follow the password without the traction band, it can be trained in the transformation speed, direction and the training of a more complex environment. When the dog is not executed by the new stimulus, the password of the threat can be issued and cooperated with it. Correct the stimulus of the traction band.
    How to correct the bad habits of dogs. Even the cutest dogs may develop the habit of hate and unhappy with the owner in a limited family environment. Since childhood, you have been training for dogs, which can prevent bad habits, and it is easier to prevent it from having bad habits before you have bad habits. If you find that some dogs' behavior at home is harmful, you have to return to some basic training, and use a correct method that both sides can accept to obey your dogs. Keep in mind that dogs will not deliberately do bad things to retribute their owner: This characteristic of human like to use punishment means is not used in dogs. Love to bite things: Some dogs, especially puppies, if you stay at home alone, sometimes you bite things because of loneliness or to pass the time. The method of correcting is simple. Just limit the dog to a small range alone so that it cannot destroy things. For example, you can close it in a cage. This can make the dog feel safe, especially accompanied by the sound of the radio or TV, give it some toys or bite. This imprisonment of dogs can only be temporary, and more exercise and attention should be given. Greed dog: Stealing dogs are naturally "Qing Daofu", and they eat any food. Every time he steal food, he will deepen this bad habit and even become a stealing. The method of correction is also very simple. As long as you teach your dog, you must sit down first and then feed. Every time you feed, put the real thing in a bowl, do not feed it from other discs or tables. Once you know how to obey to eat, you will not steal it behind you. However, as a kind of prevention, it is best to put the seductive food where the dog cannot find.
    How to deal with the characteristics of a dog with strong sexual desire. A young and underage male dog may occur when the sexual desire is naturally vented, and the phenomenon of climbing on a human leg or furniture may occur. And when the guests come at home, some dogs who are close to others will be entangled with the guests, making everyone embarrassed. This is often the case for dogs one to two years old. Such dogs can spray water with sprayer or water gun to disperse its attention. And it should be taken immediately to make dogs understand that doing this is a bad behavior. Do castration surgery can be completely avoided.
    The lonely dog ​​barking roar isolation is an excellent consideration. A nervous dog often growls or even barks at home alone. Especially those dogs that do not bring them to outdoor during the puppies are often like this. Some dogs who have transferred several masters will be the same. Such a puppy is very pitiful. You can give the dog a little special treatment before leaving home, such as using a toy you like by a dog in your hand, and then give it to give it a good animal culia bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone Essence Also pay attention not to bother and irritate it when leaving home. If the dog is put in a cage, it will feel security. For puppies, it is a normal behavior to dig, bite, or scratch objects. It will gradually disappear with age, but it is an abnormal behavior for adult dogs. There are many reasons for this kind of behavior, which is mainly related to the emotional state of the dog. For example, loneliness, troubles, and greater noise in the surrounding environment can cause this excessive abnormal behavior. Some dogs may be a kind of malignant habit, and destructive behavior may occur without time and occasion. There may be diverse ways to perform. If some dogs may only appear in a certain item or at a certain place, some dogs may not have any fixed goals
    This is the most important) bowel laxative is clean and hopes to please and it. Therefore, it is not difficult to train the interior habits of dogs that grow up in normal circumstances. As soon as puppies are accepted at home, they should train their habits (usually at 6-8 weeks), otherwise, it will be difficult to train it in the future. We need patience and perseverance during training. Don't change the position of the toilet. To raise dogs indoors, be sure to cultivate the habit of defecating puppy. The dog loves cleanliness, and it will not defecate in its own nest. Therefore, when preparing a cage for the puppy, if you want to put the pots in it, please be placed separately from the place where it sleeps. The puppy has the habit of defecation in a fixed place. Therefore, as soon as the puppy arrives at your house, you should first tell it the location of the pots and let it be lined up once. At the beginning, the puppy will have the phenomenon that does not stipulate local defecation. At this time, you should bring the dog to other houses. When it invisible, clean the place where it is soiled. Stack. Slowly, the puppy can remember the position of the pot. Two weeks later, the puppy can defecate at the designated place.
    Pukes: 1. In the cage or the corner of the room, decide where the toilet is placed.
    2. Dogs do not defecate where the prescribed places, take it away from the place where the wrong defecation is wrong and clean the bowels, clean the room.
    3. Do not bring the dog to the place where the bowel movement is wrong and lose your temper.
    4. The emergency and sniffing ground is the performance of going to the toilet. Take it to the toilet quickly.
    5. If the owner can go to the toilet according to the rules, please show it your joy. Since then, you don't have to worry about the daily bowel movements of the dog.
    The training method of pet dog

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