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  1. Pet dogs are often raised by people, and they exist on the streets, home and even schools. However, many people don't know how to raise pet dogs. The following is the method of pet dogs that I have carefully organized for you. Let's take a look.

    The pet dog breeding method
    1. Do not allow puppies to have the opportunity to swallow chicken bone, ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat, and then break it. Inside, it will slide into the body and pierce the stomach wall and intestine.
    2. Do not let puppies eat people's leftovers, because the needs of dogs for nutrition are different from humans. Balanced nutrition should be mainly dog ​​food. This feed is prepared by scientific methods. It is delicious, comprehensive, easy to be digested and absorbed, and is very convenient to use. According to statistics, dogs who eat dog food for a long time are better than eating. Dog food has a dog life of more than one -third. And the smell of appreciation, tone and excrement will be reduced a lot, which is a good gospel for dogs living in the apartment.
    3. Do not give puppies snacks between each meal. If it obeys other training, you can give it a little snack to show encouragement.
    How to help the puppy protector the cold
    , even if it is a long hair variety, because there is no long dog hair, the resistance is insufficient, and it is particularly afraid of the sudden cold and cold wind blowing. There are several ways to help puppies to protect the cold:
    This can put some clean old blankets, thick towels, etc., which helps puppies to warm up. If you buy the puppies alone and raise it, because you have been separated from the group, it is difficult to warm each other with snuggling. Don't put the puppy in a too ventilated place to prevent freezing. Especially the 6-8 weeks of puppies are the most likely to have a cold. If you don't know cooking, it is best not to buy puppies in winter. After heating or waiting for it, buy it a little older. Its resistance will be stronger.
    The temperature in the winter dog house should be kept between 13-15 ° C. The door of the dog can hang grass, the windows can be sealed with plastic cloth, and the puppy's circle can also imitate the heating of plastic greenhouses. At the same time, all gaps are blocked by the wall to prevent the thieves from invading the wind. If you have the conditions, you can use infrared lights to illuminate, built fire walls between the walls, etc. Generally, the dog bed should be configured with thick pads on it. When the sun is warm, let the dogs expose the sun, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.
    What to do if dogs are not accustomed to hard special dog foods
    Stocks can eat hard -dedicated dog food in about 2 months. If the puppies are not used to eat it for a while, they can use boiling water, milk or soup to soak them and then feed them.
    In younger periods are the main stages of growth and development, and the body grows rapidly, so it is necessary to provide sufficient nutrition. Generally, the first three months after birth, the body and weight are mainly increased. The 4-6 months mainly increase the body length. After 7 months, the main long body height. Therefore, different nutrition should be supplemented according to different development stages. The puppies within 3 months are fed at least 4 times a day. Shao Timin feed can make the dog feel unattainable, so as not to get bored and picky. The puppies at the age of April to June have increased their weight and increased weight quickly, and the amount of feed required daily increases. Feed at least 3 times a day. After June, it can be fed twice a day.
    In some people think that if all the meat is feedd by dogs, it can make dogs strong. In fact, this is a wrong way. Eating meat not only cannot make the dog strong, but because of poor digestion, it is difficult to absorb and cause diarrhea. Although there are many proteins in meat, vitamin A/D/E and iodine are less. At the same time, there are less calcium phosphorus in the meat. Or lameness occurs, and it is not advisable to feed a large amount of meat prematurely for large dogs, otherwise it may cause the forelimb to bend.

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