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  1. The effect of calcium deficiency in dogs has a great impact on bones and teeth. Calcium -deficient dogs will grow short, poor appetite, unable to stand still, do not like to run, even bone development, skeletal deformity, ribs turn double -row teeth, ribs turn double -row teeth. Essence
    On how to replenish calcium
    1. Foods with high calcium content
    In the growth of dogs, a lot of calcium is required to support it. Calcium deficiency will reduce the bone density of the dog, unable to support its increasing weight weight, and easily occur during exercise. Feed puppies natural alpine milk powder to enhance immunity, improve gastrointestinal function, and promote development. You can also feed foods with high calcium content such as soy products, shrimp skin, and fish.
    2. You can feed chelated calcium tablets

    If the dogs have symptoms such as O -type legs, X -type legs, soft legs, and double rows. At this time, feeding dogs with cream chelated calcium tablets, trace element chelated slices, and joint bone slices can help comprehensively supplement the nutritional nutrition and avoid dysplasia caused by calcium deficiency; Delays the aging of the body. While supplementing calcium for dogs, vitamins and trace elements can be supplemented.
    3. Out of the sunbathing bath
    It to bring dogs often sunbathing. The warm sunlight can promote the blood circulation of the dog's body and promote metabolism. It can also promote the absorption of calcium nutrition of dog bones, prevent dog diseases such as skeleton disease, and ensure the health of pets.

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  3. Hello! The following phenomena usually occur in dog deficiency:
    1. Bone
    If the dog is severely deficient in calcium, it will cause it to cause various bone problems, such as joint deformation, X -legs, O -type legs , Ribs, such as the symptoms of calcium deficiency in the dog, you should supplement the dog in time to supplement the dog.
    2. Tooth
    If the dog's teeth did not give it calcium in time, then the dog's teeth will not fall off, slow -growing growth, etc.
    3. Status
    It the deficiency of dogs will also show poor energy, poor appetite, weight loss, etc. When the dog is severely deficient in calcium, it will have muscle weakness, so in order to prevent the dog from severely calcium deficiency, you must first eat correctly.
    4. Hair
    If your dog is darker than the other dogs of the same age and the same age.
    If of the above phenomena, it must be paid attention to, because your dog must be calcium deficiency. Can eat MAG chelated liquid calcium for dogs.
    The main component of chelated liquid calcium is amino acid chelated calcium. Amino acid chelated calcium is an organic calcium material produced by a variety of amino acids and inorganic calcium salts through chemical synthesis. It can greatly improve the absorption of calcium in animals, and it can also meet the special period and physiological stage of calcium nutrition at the physiological stage. need.
    The specially added amino sugar is one of the important nutrients formed cartilage cells, and it is also the basic component of cartilage matrix and joint fluid. It is currently used in the prevention and treatment of osteo -joint disease, with significant effects.
    The owner of the dog deficiency of calcium is remembered to attract attention.

  4. Excessive calcium supplementation is not only a waste, but also has adverse effects on dogs.

    The oral excessive calcium in the short term. Most of the excess calcium will be excreted from the body through the feces, mainly to increase the burden on the dog's gastrointestinal and intestines. Except for individual dogs may occur in anorexia, constipation, indigestion, indigestion, and indigestion. In addition to minor symptoms, more serious reactions will generally occur.

    The long -term too much calcium supplementation may cause the following hazards:

    . Causes long -term high calcium urine to increase the opportunity to form stones in the urinary system;

    . As a result, the cartilage is prematurely calcified. Bone is prematurely calcified, the bone bone is closed early, the development of long bones is affected, and the height of the end is limited;

    . There are too many components in the bone, the bone becomes brittle, and it is prone to fracture;

    . It affects the appetite of the dog, which affects the absorption of other nutrients in the intestine;

    . Excessive calcium in the intestine will inhibit the absorption of binary ions such as iron and zinc, causing secondary zinc and iron deficiency in secondary, and leading to the corresponding symptoms such as decreased immunity such as decreased immunity, anorexia, slow growth, anemia, fatigue, etc.

    . The blood calcium concentration is too high, so that calcium is deposited in internal organs or tissues. If it is deposited around the cornea, it will affect the vision. The sedimentation on the heart valve will affect the heart function. The deposition of the blood vessel wall will increase the blood vessels.

    It how to judge excess calcium supplement

    It judging whether the dog's calcium supplementation is excessive. At present The situation of the preparation is the prerequisite for diagnosis of excessive calcium. The second is to combine the bone X -ray examination whether the bone age is advanced, the tissue abnormal calcification and the detection of urine calcium amount are too high.

    How to correct the excess of calcium

    Once you find excessive calcium, you should stop calcium supplementation, or adjust the dose of calcium in time. Usually, as long as the calcium supplement dose and vitamin D dose is appropriately adjusted, the symptoms of excessive calcium will soon disappear. However, once the bone calcification is formed, there is often no good way to eliminate it. Avoiding excessive calcium supplementation and vitamin D preparations may be the best measure to delay further calcification.

    The problems that should be paid attention to calcium supplement

    1. The absorption of calcium is the most important. The absorption is not exactly according to people's wishes: how much and how much it is absorbed; the more you make up, the more absorption. The amount of calcium absorbing in the gastrointestinal and intestines mainly depends on the calcium nutritional status of the dog at that time, which is adjusted by the baby's activated vitamin D hormone and thyroid glandular hormones in the baby's body.

    The vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in the intestine. When vitamin D is deficient, even if the calcium is added, it cannot be absorbed well. Vitamin D can also inhibit the excretion of the kidneys on calcium and promote the decarcule of the old bone.

    . The most secure calcium supplementation of food. Generally speaking, food is safer than calcium supplementation than drugs, and eating normal food will not cause excessive calcium.
    In addition to milk products, soy products, shrimp skin, fish and other foods can also be given.

    The sun sun and outdoor sports are beneficial to the absorption and utilization of calcium, which is one of the methods of safety supplementation.

  5. Your family is a Bomei dog, coincident, as is my family. There is an artificial bone that contains calcium. You can also grind your teeth, all kinds of flavors.nI answered very carefully, please add points
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