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  1. Instructions for dog breeding
    It to welcome the owner when the puppy just returned home for two to three months. Try to name the same tone as much as possible, the puppy has quickly become familiar with your name
    choosing the puppy where the puppy will settle: you need to choose quiet, dry and humid, good ventilation, warm winter and cool in summer, easy to be easy Cleaning place.
    Dog cage: The static baking paint dog cage and stainless steel dog cage are best. Wood is easily bitten by puppies and causes gastrointestinal discomfort.
    Is when the puppy has decided to rest, the owner must consider which location in the home or yard should be listed as the restricted area. To make the training at home easier, you better limit the freedom of new puppy at home and the yard.
    Me everyone knows that the puppy just likes to bite things. These things may include furniture, slippers, and pipelines in the home. But you should remember that the behavior of puppies bite is very normal. Therefore, you should provide safe toys to meet this needs. You must also put the garbage in the kitchen at the garage or a higher place, making your puppy unable to contact.

    The feed: The main ingredient of white rice is starch and the leftovers or soups in the home contain a large amount of oil and salt. The owner often feeds with his own food will cause puppy nutritional imbalance and increase small Dogs Shen Liji can afford it, and finally develops bad habits such as picking up partial eclipse. Each feed contains all kinds of nutritional ingredients calories, vitamin and other experts with puppies. It is the most suitable weapon for puppies to grow quickly.

    This tableware: Eating is the most suitable for stainless bowls. In addition, it is better to buy stainless steel bowls with bowls of bowls. It is better to clean and not damage. In order to prevent the ears from being mixed with dog food, the owner needs to choose a long ear -shaped cone bowl to choose a long ear type, and another dog species that need to store bearded. In order to keep the lake dry Water mouth kettle.

    The neck ring and chain: The neck circle must be appropriate, but between the neck circle and the neck, the width of 1 to 2 fingers must be reserved. Of course, the owner will also choose the chest and back type traction belt, but I personally do not encourage, because the puppy has not yet developed, and the chest and back type traction may cause the normal development of the dog's chest due to improper use!
    And like a circle should also be hung on the neck of the puppy early, so that puppies are used to this artificial constraint. When you grow up, you will not get used to it as you wear the collar. Products: Choose a comb and mild hair washing for your own dogs. Or add, ear cleaner, etc. according to personal economic ability.

    bedding mattresses: The type of cotton material must be cotton material and can be removed for cleaning. A few nights before the puppy just arrived at home, I might feel lonely or afraid of lack of security because of the original environment of the interest rate redeeming. You can use a low -volume radio, or a clock of dripping, or you personally do not wear clothes or towels you use in a puppy to soothe its emotions to make it fall asleep.

    The feeding: Puppy is best to feed four meals in 2 to 3 months. It should be noted that the puppy with weak resistance to the weak resistance of the new owner and the new environment is very The big test, so do not change the original food. It is the most important thing for puppies to take home in a new environment within a week. A good seller will teach the new owner to the new owner, so that the new owner will easily raise the puppy. ~ It is a breeding seller who really loves dogs.
    The diet and food changes can cause diarrhea. Do not like puppies like some kinds of food. They eat it for a long time, causing nutritional imbalances, picky food, partial food habits, causing obesity, malnutrition, and excess nutrition.

    The puppies health indicators are determined by the first year of feeding: Why is it important to start correctly?
    The evidence lies in pet food. Because the pet food you chose in the first year will be the key to its maturity, health, and growth. Therefore, choosing a good brand of dog food can give puppies and a lot of complete nutrition, which can avoid the problem of health. And help strengthen the immune system and resist disease invasion, and enrich the life of pets!
    In the first year, puppy needs to get vitamin H nutrition in order to live a healthy and happy life. Mineral substances such as fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, etc. can help build a strong bone and muscles on average, and can provide sufficient energy to provide puppy growth and activities. However, if there are too many nutrients, it may also hinder your puppy's growth and may continue to cause serious health problems, such as: obesity, bone disorders, and heart or kidney diseases. This is why you need to choose dog food cautiously and need to be cautious even if you add self -made food. Each animal has a physiological function that is close to humans and has a unique physiological function. food.

    The snacks: The owners hope that his pets can have the most special performance or obedient at any time. Therefore, the use of snack training as a reward for training puppies, or just playing with it, high -quality and healthy snacks, is the best way to interact with puppy.

    Note: What the owner cannot know: Some foods are healthy or casual snacks for people, but for dogs, they belong to the fatal poison
    1. Chocolate (fatal food)
    The salty coffee in chocolate () is a poison for animals. It will reduce the blood flow transported to the brain, which may cause heart disease and other fatal threats. The higher the salty content of the coffee contained in the chocolate with higher purity

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