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  1. Pay attention to diet
    During the period of the dog's vaccine, you must not eat things other than dog food. One is because it is not yet an adult, and some food cannot digest and get sick. The burden of coming to the economy (pet dog medical treatment is very expensive, and the previous vaccines will be used for abandonment)
    2. Do not go out
    During the dog's vaccine, you cannot bring out the house. When we are weak, the outside environment is complicated, and there will be a lot of virus components in the air. If he takes out to breathe to the virus, this will be a fatal blow to him.
    3. Don’t take a bath
    During the period of the dog's vaccine needle, please do not take a bath for him, because you can't bear the changes in hot and cold, this will easily catch a cold, and the injection wound will also Easy to infection.
    4. Do not contact the dog
    Is before the pet vaccine is not finished, do not let the dog lick people, because the surface of the human body is still a small virus. Licking the skin of the human body is easy to get sick.
    5. Don't let dogs and other pets play
    Many people like to take pets out of the house, so that you can encounter other pets outside. Please do not do this. The dog's resistance has not yet been formed. If the sick dog is transmitted, it is difficult to handle it. Good ones can be given money to the money.
    6. Pay attention to keeping the dog warm
    Prope dogs often like to sleep on the belly. When the climate is warm, there will be no problem, but as the temperature decreases, the pet dog belly is less hair. Sleeping on the ground is easy to catch cold and cold, so try to let him go to the keys to sleep, don't lie on the cold floor.
    7. Don't let the dog bite shoes
    When pet dogs are 2-3 months, at this time, teeth are very good, often like things at home, and the owner's slippers are not let go. You must know The slippers worn by a person have viruses (especially skin diseases), which is very dangerous to her. Remember not to let him bite slippers.

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