2 thoughts on “Where can the dog's vaccine go? How many times do you want to fight? Where is the price?”

  1. Pet hospital or epidemic prevention station. The vaccine is a 3 -needle vaccine and a stitched rabies. Generally, vaccines that prevent infectious diseases can be injected in 45 days. Generally, the hexagonal seedlings are mostly. The first immunity is three stitches. Inject rabies vaccine. A hook -end spiral body is added now, about one hundred stitches. Different in the city, pet hospitals are different, and the charging standards are different. Some dogs may have mild discomfort after injection of the vaccine, because the vaccine itself is a virus that has been processed by people and weakened. Individual dogs may have poor appetite, mental weakness, drowsiness, etc. after the vaccine, etc. Symptoms, but as the dog slowly adapts, it is usually okay after 1-2 days, and the dog's body will slowly return to normal. You can mix some gastrointestinal treasures in the water that dogs drink, which can improve the dog's resistance and stress capacity and quickly recover.

  2. Pet hospital, relatively formal, five united six and eight united, the first year of three stitches, six weeks of age starting the first needle, nine -year -old and twelve weeks, the second and third pins, respectively. Essence Just then strengthen one shot every year. The rabies vaccine in the first needle after nine weeks of age, and then strengthen one needle every year.

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