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  1. 1. In addition to paying attention to diet, dogs should also pay attention to the living habits of dogs.
    2. Pay attention to the dog's diet.
    (1) Note that the dog cannot eat the liver or meat of animals for a long time.
    The liver or meat of animals for long -term edible animals need to be appropriately supplemented by calcium, because the calcium content in animal liver and meat is very low, but it contains high -concentration vitamin A, and dogs, dogs, and dogs. High vitamin A in the body will affect calcium absorption. Therefore, calcium is needed, and the habit of eating the liver and meat for a long time. Change dog food.
    (2) Pay attention to its diet structure every day.
    In addition to feeding the right amount of vegetables, bread, biscuits and other vegetarian foods, it is also necessary to feed 150-250 grams of lean meat on the afternoon. Feed small shrimp and fish. It is best to add some milk powder, calcium powder and composite vitamin -studded powder in vegetarian food. At the same time, you should also give it some cool and white. You can buy some chicken essence and liquid calcium water (calcium glucose or zinc calcium calcium 1-2 sons a day) to add to the food.
    3. Pay attention to the absorption of calcium supplement and vitamin D through lifestyle habits.
    In more dogs to move outdoors. UV radiation can transform the undergrigated steroid sterolic steroids into endogenous vitamin D, which is conducive to calcium absorption. It is best to let the dog drink some glucose water (1-2 tablespoons of glucose powder and add an appropriate amount of water). Even those who have recovered should pay attention to calcium supplementation, reduce large amounts of exercise such as running, jumping, mating, etc. The owner should be flat up and downstairs. It is strictly forbidden to hold up the dog's armpit with both hands and lift it vertically. In addition, take it to the pet hospital for examination on a regular basis to prevent the recurrence of old diseases.

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