5 thoughts on “Where can I go to get an epidemic needle to give the dog? How much is a needle?”

  1. Go to the pet hospital.

    In 42-45 days of birth, you can get the 1st needle 6 vaccine. After that after 20-25 days, you can get 1 stitch, a total of 3 stitches. rabies vaccine.

    Rabies vaccine, 50 yuan for domestic, 100.
    The imported from the Netherlands Dutch Vaccine: Including canine plague, infectious hepatitis, adenovirus, sub -influenza, hook end, end hook end Spiral and small viruses.
    Except for the 7 -united vaccine (plus rabies vaccine) is 110 yuan/needle, the remaining vaccines are 60 yuan/needle (import)

  2. Pet hospitals can be played, and dogs can also vaccine after 50 days. Dogs hitting the hexagon is mainly to prevent the fatal diseases of six dogs such as dog plague and small viruses. The second -needle epidemic prevention is generally injected in two to four weeks (the interval between 21 days is the best injection time), and the third needle is injected two to four weeks after the second needle is completed. Dogs need to add rabies vaccine when immunization in the second or third needle. What the owner needs to pay attention to do not take a bath within a week after the vaccine is injected, and pay attention to keeping them warm.

    The general dogs can only take two stitches after three months. Take a needle every year to ensure the health of the dog.

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