What do you need to open a pet shop to sell pet dogs?

There is a pet shop in my hometown town. The business is good. I plan to go home to open one in the town. Our traffic has developed well in all aspects of the transportation. Now most people also want to have their own pet friends, so I want to open a pet dog What do you need?

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  1. To open a pet shop to sell pet dogs, you must have relevant documents first.
    : Process step application certificate
    (1) Copy of the store property certificate (if it is a rental house, you need to provide the "Rental Agreement"), 2 copies of ID, 5 inch photos to 5 to The local industry and commerce office applies for the form and receive the business license;
    (2) After obtaining the business license, apply for a tax registration certificate at the local tax office;
    (3) Apply for invoices. Two types of invoices: According to the tax method, that is, the monthly turnover pays the same taxes regardless of the monthly turnover; the amount of tax on the tax rate is paid at the tax rate according to the amount of the invoice.
    (4) After 15-30 days, various documents can be processed. The entire process is about 500 yuan (the charges are slightly different in various places)
    (5) If the pet shop operates live sales or pet medical projects, it is necessary to obtain the "Public Places Health License" of the health department and the animal husbandry department of the animal husbandry department "Animal Epidemic Prevention Certificate" and "Animal Diagnosis and Treatment License".
    : Store and decoration
    This is the basic point of the pet shop survival. The pet shop's pet shop's pet -breeding mentality directly determines the operation of the local pet shop. And customers' impression of pet shops mainly comes from the decoration and environment in the store. Generally speaking, the first 3 seconds of customers who buy the shop will determine his consumption behavior. The unsuitable store and decoration will directly affect the business of pet shops.
    : Beauty equipment
    (1) Need a solid beauty table. Its surface is a stable bracket and a fixed pet hanging rod. Ensure the safety of pets on the beauty platform.
    (2) You need to prepare professional combing tools. Such as: beautician comb, wooden handle comb, steel wire comb, dividing comb, etc. Different beauty steps and situations, beauticians need to cooperate with different combs.
    (3) For the boiled water used for dogs that are knotted by the hair, toenail clamps, toenails and professional hemostatic powder, water absorption turtle, dedicated drying box or water blower used in toenails are trimmed. Hair dryer and other utensils.
    (4) Different beauticians must use the corresponding scissors due to different pruning positions. The scissors are subdivided into straight shears, teeth shear, small straight shears, and bending. For dog species that need to be shaved, professional electric scissors must also be trimmed with different types of knife heads.
    The operating project
    Pet shop goods are mainly divided into the following four categories: food (staple food, snacks and health products); conventional pet medicine (deworming drugs, ear drops, mesonating fluid, etc.); (Pet bath liquid); daily life supplies (comb, nail shears, nests, traction bands, toys, clothes). Pet shop service items include pet beauty, pet support, pet medical care, pendant maintenance, pet photography, pet marriage, etc.

  2. It is recommended that you do not find veterinarians or cure. Because it is not only needed for more equipment and places, it is easy to have accidents. Pet parents will come over and say that you are not good everywhere. Third, if a pet dies, if you really like it, you will always be sad.
    This can start from pets, pets to take a bath and beauty, and pet food, daily necessities, and receive most pet vaccines. These things are good, only the stores are needed, not a lot of professional knowledge. There are those who join the Internet, and they also manage training. Now more and more people are raising pets, and they can soon recover their capital.
    Puling your own brand and quality is the most important. I am a pet, and I still hope that there are more people with conscience and responsibility to participate in the pet industry.
    This, ah friend, say a word in advance, you can do investigation and the like in your own town first, and see if people there are reluctant to spend money on pets. It is also necessary to combine the local consumption level and consumption capacity also determine the price and grade of its own products. I do n’t know much, but I always feel that there should be fewer people who eat dog food for dogs.

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