5 thoughts on “Why is Taobao's dog so cheap?”

  1. My mother said that she wanted to buy a golden retriever dog in my hometown and called to ask me if there was a pure -breed golden retriever in Shenzhen. I went to Taobao to see a lot, and I wrote a purebred pet dog. Most importantly, these pet dogs are very cheap, 100 Erha, 500 golden retriever, 300 Labrado ...
    These are all famous dogs. How can it be so cheap? I asked my colleagues who raised dogs. They have raised a golden retriever for 2 years and 3,500 yuan when they bought it. I was strange when I heard this. Is the gap so big?
    later I asked my colleagues. He said that there were a few kinds of two hahaes, the price was not cheap, the expensive 5,000, and the cheap one cost more than 2,000. So why is it 100 yuan on Taobao?
    I later I went to a pet shop in the east gate of Shenzhen, and took a look at the golden retriever. The boss asked me to check the small golden retriever's skeleton, eyes, hair, certificate, and finally asked the price 3600. Let's talk about the price a little.
    I asked the boss why the pet dog on Taobao is so cheap? The boss said: "The price on Taobao is a deposit!" Note that it is "deposit", that is, the "deposit" that pays the money or not buy it! After paying the deposit, the boss will send the dog cubs, and then we will test the dog. When we are satisfied, we will re -talk about the specific price. If you are dissatisfied, send it back to the boss, and the deposit will not be refunded.
    This is really chilling, so if you want to buy pet dogs, you must pay attention to the price of Taobao. It is best to ask the merchant on Taobao, don't just place an order if you don't blindly.
    In exchanges on Wangwang. After the exchange, you will pay for money on WeChat, and then ship it. When you wait for the puppy in the hands of the customer for a few days, it is either inconsistent with the video, or a skin disease, or a sickness. In short, all kinds of situations will happen. If you want to return the goods, there will be various excuses waiting for you, because it is useless to find Taobao customers on WeChat. Do you understand these routines? Is it overwritten? If you want to know more, please pay more attention to me.

  2. Because Taobao's dogs are mostly a weekly dog ​​(referring to the dog's life is only one week), and the cost of dog treatment is also a low expense. Therefore, it is recommended that people who buy dogs do not buy through the network channels to avoid being pitted.

  3. Most of the dogs in Taobao are raised by their own home, so the cost is relatively low, and the price will naturally be cheaper.

  4. Taobao's dogs are so cheap, because his propaganda price does not match the facts, mainly to attract more traffic and fans, and must impose severe punishment for these merchants.

  5. I personally think that many dogs on Taobao are raised at home. He does not have much cost. His investment is small. He does not need to rent a house specifically, so the dogs on Taobao will be cheap.

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