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  1. After taking the dog home, the first thing to take the dog home. The first thing to enter the door is to take him to the toilet to recognize the place. Before entering the house, prepare small snacks in your hand (you know the use). Usually, after bumping all the way, they will definitely NN at home (this is also tasteful). Be sure to seize this opportunity and take him to the place you think in advance to NN. Once he excreted at the designated place, he immediately rewarded him the small snacks in his hand and gave him the most nasty praise and encouragement (good, good, good, good, Good dog, good boy, good girl, Whatver you want to say).

    If it is solved indoors, then when cleaning the "battlefield", first use toilet paper to dip some urine. Then put the urine toilet in the toilet. The puppy will smell the smell.

    The use of cages to train (the cage here must have just turned the dog to turn around. Let him excrete in one corner and rest in the other corner. Don't spread anything in the cage. Don't let him have any chance to be nn inside. Cover it with cloth.
    . Master a rule. In the following cases, puppies must be excreted: after waking up; after playing, after eating/after drinking water ) So after these three cases, whether the puppy shows or does not show to the toilet, you must take him. Once it is resolved, you must give food or oral rewards (of course, the most effective food reward). Three opportunities must be seized!

    2. Puppy's bladder needs to exercise to control your patience. Moon age 1 = puppy can urinate (3 months old and big (3 months old. The puppy 1 = can be urinating for up to 4 hours). But do not allow the dog to urinate for more than 9 hours.

    3. It is very Effective ways. After each meal, take a puppy to excrete, and wait patiently. He may not excrete immediately, and may be heard everywhere (yes). Food/verbal reward. Then accompany the puppy to play outside for 5 minutes. Turn it back to the cage. Start training. Specifically: (take the puppy with 2 months as an example)
    closed the dog back to the cage. After 2 hours, take him out of the cage to the toilet. He may not be excreted immediately. This requires your patience to wait. , Until he excreted, he immediately gave food and oral rewards (for him to eat the most). Then accompany him to play outside for 5 minutes (not too long, 5 minutes). Take him back to the cage as soon as it arrives and continue to download it. A 2-hour "confinement". If it does not excrete it for 10-15 minutes, take him back to the cage immediately. Don't give any food, don't let him play, but don't lose your temper with him. It is very calm. Take him back to the cage. Wait until the next 2 hours of "letting the wind", and then repeat what you said before. Usually the dog will sleep in the cage, and it will naturally go to NN when you wake up.

    In the end, it is necessary to get out of the cage. Because your ultimate purpose is to let the dog tell you that he wants to be convenient. So after training, you must reach a tacit understanding with the dog to create a kind of Signals. This signal may be various, and some dogs may smell everywhere before excretion; some may be shifted; some may be called; some may have facial expressions. Initial training in the early stage of training It still needs a great attention to the owner. It is almost a second to watch the dog's actions, and only in this way can we establish a tacit understanding between their dogs.

  2. Generally, pet dogs are bought home around March. The first thing is the most important thing. Let it know that entering a strange environment to distinguish who is the boss. Generally, the newly bought puppy is very skinny. The owner in his eyes is a dog. The trafficker is not you, so the first thing to break the food will only give the water a day and one night, and the dog food will tease it in the middle, but it does not give it to eat it. This method is to make it understand who you want to eat. The second is to urinate. This is easy. Put the stool in the cage in the place you designated for Lasa. It is convenient to bring it every day. After the completion, it will be rewarded with dog food. The third is to care for food. Playing on both sides on the ground. These three generally can train well for a month. Building trust is the basic movement of training. They are all dog food rewards. The execution of action passwords cannot always be changed. Do not let the dogs look at your posture to complete. The most important thing is to correct the aggressiveness. You can simply test it. Tell it to squat and watch you. You slowly face it to it. Then you swing your arms to see what reaction it reacts. The higher the higher, I found that I immediately scolded. Come to train, this is the most direct method. You will not be a professional, you ca n’t complete it. Generally, the family raising dogs can do the above. It can be trained. Stop it in time. Afterwards, you don't know why you trouble it afterwards. You can also hit and scold and cooperate with hunger to train. All of the above must be a complete set of reward and punishment system. It will be more sensible, and the owner does not have to fight for it for it. It is recommended to release the house for a big house. You must walk the dog if you are not big. One hour! In this way, reducing the dismantling and promoting the health of the dog. If you wear your teeth, you can grind the wooden or large animal leg bones. The new bones need to be cooked through and cook the meat on the top. , Dry it as a molar! In addition to the hard -working dog training, all dogs are well trained. Husky and other dogs are also served, so spend some energy to learn from the dog before the age of one year. There may be disagreements, but the dog is a dog after all. When he was a kid, he was severely protected by protecting it. The true meaning protects it and allows it to live a better life in the crowd. important! Then I wish you a happy career!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the training puppy should first give the puppy a name, and often call its namenMake the puppy familiar with their names, and encourage puppy to listen to instructions through rewards and encourage puppiesnIf you do n’t listen to the instructions, you need to be punished to a certain amount of punishment. You must step by step during training so that the puppy will gradually repeat training until you are familiar with; you should use a traction rope when training your dog, but reduce the feeling of being restrained by your dog.nWhat should I do if the puppy is too noisy?nThe answer can be scolded properly, and it must be seriously criticized. In fact, the dog is very smart, and sometimes it can understand some of the owners' meaning.nWhat kind of reprimand, such as ...nAnswer, for example, you can call him loudlyndo not movenAsk him not to listen too much, is there any other way?nThe answer is to trainnTake it easynThere is also when feeding, you can let him make some instructionsnGive food after obedientnQuestnThen it 1. Love to tear the bad items, 2. What to do if you urinate anytimenAnswer this is to reprimandnDogs need to train fixed bowel habits in a timely manner, and give snack rewards or punishment. Penalties should be given in time after urination, confiscation of dogs' snacks or toys. To buy a dedicated dog toilet, every time the dog should hold it on the fixed bowel movement location when you have a stool or urinatingnAsk it to be too energetic, it seems that walking is not enough to satisfy himnIs there any way to consume energy?nAnswer is normal for dogs to be strong, especially when young dogs are usually more energetic than adult dogsnYou can provide some toys to let the dog vent your energynMore 19 morenBleak

  4. regular.
    Puin dogs usually have stools and urinating after eating after eating or waking up. It will smell hard on the ground before, especially when you have a stool. At this time, take it to where you want to pull it, a little patient.
    Remember: If it is urinating and poop at the specified place, you must use food to award it ~~

  5. In fact, dogs are just a habit. My dogs can be put three times (morning, middle, and evening) three times to 4 months to grow to one year old only once a day (preferably after eating, go out at night.)
    But if the dog can't pull it out at home, it will train it to pull it in the specified place.

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