1 thought on “Where can I buy a pet third party insurance”

  1. Pet medical insurance: Pacific Insurance and Ping An Insurance, Pet Liability Insurance: Chinese People's Insurance.
    The pet insurance currently issued on the market can be divided into pet liability insurance and pet medical insurance from the scope of protection. Insurance companies that have launched pet medical insurance are now, Pacific Insurance and Ping An Insurance. Insurance companies that launch pet liability insurance have Chinese insurance.
    It attention is that the current market is mainly cats and dogs. Like other worm -fish and birds, they are different pets, and there is no insurance. And most of these pet insurance purchases can only be purchased online, and the business hall is basically not available. Cousins ​​are also online claims. There are many pet medical insurances launched by small companies, and the claims are more troublesome, so when choosing to pay for pets, try to choose a large company.

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