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  1. What should I do if the dog wound is inflamed and inflamed, and the owner of many dogs has such concerns. Let's take a look at what is going on together.
    In general, when the dog wound has inflammation and pus, you can try to buy
    a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to completely clean the wound for the pet dog. Clean. Then you can buy a pack of anti -inflammatory powder or chicumin ointment to help apply it to the dog's wound, so that the wound can close it as soon as possible under the anti -inflammatory drug.
    If the pet dog's wound is relatively small, then it is generally not necessary to bandage, but it is necessary to control the dog to lick with your tongue, so you still have to bring the dog to the Elizabeth circle. To other places.
    In addition, if the dog's wound is more serious, then you still have to bandage. Note that if the dog's wound is inflamed and pus, and the dog may have germs infection and fever, then please send it to a pet hospital in time. Do not delay the treatment time.

  2. For anti -inflammatory drugs, if it is serious, it is recommended to send professional treatment in the pet hospital in advance, and then care at home after control.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1: When the wound is treated and the dog wound is swollen as a dog wound, the owner must first deal with the wound. You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean some wounds for the dog to sterilize to prevent the bacteria from breeding the symptoms of the dog wound inflammation. After the dog sterilizes, hold the dog and sprinkle some pets on the wound, give the dog inflammation and stop bleeding, and accelerate the wound healing speed. If the dog will catch the wound Grab the wound and cause a secondary infection of the wound. 2: Reduced the number of out -out times. When the dog's trauma is not good yet, the owner should not rush out to walk out, because the dog is very excited when the dog goes out. , Or seeing other dogs accidentally fight with other dogs and encountered wounds, causing the dog's old injuries and no new injuries, so the owner asked the dog to stay at home to rest. The floor must be kept dry, and the floor is too wet to make the dog down. 3: The speed of supplementing the healing of nutritional dog wounds is also connected with the dog's physique. If the dog's physique is good, the wound healing speed is faster, and the speed of healing if the physique is not good will be relatively speaking. Slowly, so the owner must properly supplement the dog's nutrition, which can give the dog some bone soup, minced meat porridge, chicken breasts, etc. to supplement nutrition, and improve the dog's resistance. If the owner does not have time to cook It is also possible for dogs to eat some nutrition cream.nDo you want to go to the hospital for examination? Can I cancel inflammation or something at home?nDo you want to go to the hospital for examination? Can I cancel inflammation or something at home?nIt is better to go to the hospital for a answer. It is better to go to the hospitalnMore 2nBleak

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