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  1. . What are the characteristics of dog urethritis
    The dog urethritis is mostly caused by the injury caused by urethral mucosa or inflammation and spread of neighboring organs. The main clinical symptoms of dog urethritis are manifested as: the symptoms of the diseased dog's penile, sensitive urethra, and urethral redness. The diseased dog is likely to have symptoms such as difficulty in urination, pain in urination, turbid urine, hematuria or pus in urine. In addition, some sick dogs may also discharge necrotic and falling urethra mucosa with urine. Once the dogs are found to have the above symptoms, the pet owner must take the dog to seek medical treatment in time to control the inflammation in time.

    . The treatment method of dog urethritis
    1. Treatment of dog urethritis first, first of all, you can consider injection of long -term anti -inflammatory needles or feeding dogs Anti -inflammatory drugs.
    2. If the dog is difficult to urinate and cannot urinate, you need to intercept the ureter and conduct a B -ultrasound inspection of the dog to check whether the dog's urethra has stones or blood clots.
    3. Per urine culture and drug sensitivity test for sick dogs to select the most suitable antibiotics for them. For example, common treatment medicines include potassium amoxicolin, or pinerine -type inofnoonacin.
    4. Find a way to increase the amount of urine of the dog and help it dilute the urine to reduce the irritation of the urethral mucosa of the urine. If a dog does not like drinking water, the pet owner can consider hydrating by feeding the dog with wet grains, or add flavorful foods to the dog's drinking water to attract the dog to drink water.
    During the treatment of the diseased dog, the pets mainly pay attention to putting the dog's Elizabeth circle to prevent the dog from licking their genitals because of discomfort, causing repeated infections.

    . Precautions for dog urethritis
    Dogs and dog urinary tract infections are mostly bacterial, and antibiotics are more sensitive. Essence This is a special diuretic drug for cats and cats caused by urinary diseases caused by cats and dogs, urinary diseases caused by cystitis, and urinary tracts, which can effectively solve various diseases caused by cats due to urethritis. In addition, no matter what treatment for dogs is used, we must pay attention to prevent drug resistance, and it is best to perform a drug sensitivity experiment for the dog before taking the dog.

    Dr. Claw Dr. Reminder: After the dog's urethritis is cured, the pet owner is best sterilized to the dog to prevent recurrence of his condition.

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