Dog's lung infection is very serious. What should I do if I do pneumonia? What good suggestions do you have

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  1. Why do dogs have pneumonia? Normally, it is mainly due to the problems of colds, unreasonable air, poor ventilation, and lack of vitamins, which cause respiratory tract infections, which causes pneumonia. So how to treat dogs with pneumonia? Let's talk about the cause of pneumonia first, and then teach you how to prevent and treat it.
    The first, due to the unreasonable cold, air, poor ventilation, too tired, and lack of vitamins, cause respiratory tract infections and body resistance to decline, and even microorganisms (glyceland, splin bacteria, E. coli, E. coli After a period of latent period of Crack Bacillus, Crack Baiji, and mold, the disease occurred, causing animals to be attacked by the virus.

    Secondly, inhaled the irritating gases, cigarettes or mixed foreign objects and entered the lungs. Third, continue to develop diseases, such as bronchitis, influenza cold, canine plague; or parasites, such as pulmonary worms, bowworms, tapeworm larvae, etc. 2. Symptoms of pneumonia
    A sick dogs, their symptoms are obvious, with no essence, no appetite, red or blue, purple conjunctiva, faster pulse, shortness of breath, sometimes breathing difficulties, rising body temperature rising body temperature , And it is high and low, with relaxation of heat. When the dog gets sick, it will runny and cough. Acts of the chest can hear twisting sounds. There is a small duplex area in the chest percussion (in general in the triangle area in front of the lungs).

    Puctal is usually easy to diagnose according to the history of dogs and clinical symptoms. 3. Prevention and treatment of pneumonia (1) Eliminate inflammation: Frequent antibiotics such as penicillin, rinomyrin, tetracycline, 土omycin, erythromycin, scatomycin, and galcinin are used for anti -inflammatory inflammation. If you use it with sulfa drugs, the effect is better.
    (2) Cough and phlegm: When it is accompanied by cough, the secretions are thick, and the cough is very difficult, you can use the dissolved expectorant preparations

    (3) Prevention of penetration to prevent penetration from penetrating Out or not absorb drugs: You can inject calcium glucose acid in intravenous veins, or mix the sodium coffee, sodium salicylate, and Ulot. (4) Symptoms: The right medicine is very important, especially for the sake of strengthening the heart and making breathing smooth. Avoid poisoning yourself, you can inject drugs such as sodium bicarbonate. (5) Increase resistance, enhance outdoor sports: control mechanical factors and chemical factors, protect the natural defense function of the respiratory tract, find the cause, and take treatment measures in time.
    The treatment method: Use antibiotics and sulfa drugs to eliminate inflammation (in fact, all the treatment of all -inclusive treatment), going to the hospital for treatment is the most convenient and simplest and effective method for our dog owner. I suggest that when your dog is cured, Often take your dogs to activities, increase outdoor activities, and improve resistance. It is best not to treat it by yourself, so as not to have a bad effect.

  2. Dog pneumonia can take antibiotics, sulfa inflammation, and then take vomiting agents, such as ammonium chloride, diluted hydrochloric acid, glycerin, distilled water and other drugs to help dogs discharge phlegm. Inject drugs such as calcium glucose, curry powder, etc. to avoid muscle weakness. However, pneumonia is a more serious disease. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time, and the dogs are rationally used for the dogs according to the actual situation.

  3. Antibiotics and sulfa drugs can be taken for dogs to eliminate inflammation, and then dogs are used for solubituers, such as ammonium chloride, octorine hydrochloride, dilute hydrochloric acid, glycerin, distilled water and other drugs to help the dog expectorant. Pulse is to shoot drugs such as calcium glucose and sodium coffee to avoid dogs' physical strength. However, pneumonia is a relatively serious condition. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time and arrange medication reasonably according to the actual situation of the dog.

  4. Solution of puppy lung infection:
    First, go to the pet hospital to check the blood routine and canine inflammatory reaction protein to understand the dog's infection. It is best to take a lung X -ray film for conditions to understand the specific situation of the lungs.
    I. Listen to the doctor's treatment suggestions according to the specific situation of lung infection. Generally, slight injections or infusion can be combined with oral drugs, which seriously requires infusion binding to atomized therapy.

  5. The lung infection is very serious. I believe that the dog is like your family. If you want to protect her and protect her, then you take the dog to the pet hospital. The dog has a serious pneumonia and requires intravenous infusion. You will accompany you there. Wolver infusion together

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