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  1. 1. Tu Dog
    This dogs are also Chinese pastoral dogs. This kind of dog is probably dozens of pieces. Turkish dogs are the best dogs. Feed two steamed buns a day, leftovers, leftovers, leftovers. I am also a housekeeping. Except for being stolen, the dogs are almost hard to be raised.
    Therefore, if you want to raise dogs in the countryside, you can choose a soil dog. In addition, the native dogs are rarely seen in the countryside.
    2, Black Wolf Dog
    Pure breed of black wolf dogs produced in northern China.
    Theniced black wolf dogs are smart and lively. They are friendly to the elderly and children, and the purebred black wolf dogs are aware of. They are vigilant for strangers. Still very good.

    3, black bear dog
    This dog is the same as the black wolf dog. Dogs are similar. But if you look closely, the difference between them is quite large. The black bear dog's body is larger, and it is really like a black bear.
    . Its courage is as big as its body shape. No matter what you encounter, it will immediately stand up to protect its owner. The courage and the size of the body have caused its combat effectiveness to be particularly strong. Generally, the mighty dogs are not its opponents.

    4, golden retriever
    Golden hair belongs to medium and large dogs, and generally the number of reproduction of each nest is more than 5. Therefore, under normal circumstances, a golden retriever can produce 10 golden retrievers a year.
    The cost of about 300 yuan for each golden retriever, mainly dog ​​food and vaccine. If you eat homemade dog food, the cost of each golden retriever may be lower. Then each golden retriever is calculated at the average price of 1,000 yuan. Basically, the profit of a golden retriever is around 700 yuan, which is still very good.
    5, border shepherd
    is smart, has a lot of color, is loved by many people, and the price is very high. Eight, raising a few more bloodlines, the profits in it are expensive.

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