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  1. How to treat dog dermatitis?
    Ter dermatitis is an inflammation of a dog's skin dermis and epidermis. There are many causes of catalysts. It can be roughly divided into: mechanical, chemical, fungal, parasitic, allergic and other factors. Dog dermatitis is a kind of dog's skin dermis and epidermal inflammation.
    . The cause of cortexitis:
    The causes of cortexitis are diverse. It can be roughly divided into: mechanical, chemical, fungal, parasitic, allergic and other factors.
    1, mechanical: necklasses, autologous contusion, scratching cause trauma dermatitis, burns, frostbite, radioactive damage, etc.
    2, chemical; chemical bath, rubbing irritating drugs, and pusal secretions have been stimulated for a long time.
    3, fungal; sulvation, gypsum -like mulist, and tingling bacteria.
    4, parasiticity;
    5, food allergies and drug allergies can cause dermatitis.
    . The main points of the diagnosis of dog dermatitis:
    1. The skin of the dog has a sheet, strip -shaped, or influential shape, and it can be covered with idiots when exudation. The ulcer appeared, and there was a sense of pain.
    2. When a large amount of inflammatory exudation and chronic dermatitis of the skin can be seen, the skin is blocked off. The thickening of the thickened peptide and cracking.
    3. When suffering from a fungal dermatitis, the affected part is removed, with white powder scabs locally, and red protrusions under and around.
    4. When the parasitic dermatitis, the head, back, and abdomen can be seen with red rash nodules, yellow scoop skin on the surface, and hair removal and itching.
    . Prevention measures for cortexhritis:
    1, desensitization and itching: oral or muscle injection of corticin hormone, Poposya L milligram / kg of weight, dexamethasone 0.15-0.25 mg / kg weight.
    2, sulfa ointment bureau.
    3, chronic dermatitis can be applied with acetic acid to remove inflammatory ointment or acetate ointment.
    4, fungal dermatitis can be wiped with climazole ointment, ringworm ointment or Dacinnin ointment.
    5, skin parasitic dermatitis, refer to the treatment of creep mites.
    6. For dermatitis with bacterial infection, antibacterial therapy can be applied throughout the body, muscle injection of penicillin or galcin, 2 times / day.

  2. Most of the skin problems of dogs are caused by fungi, mites or bacterial infections. A certain degree of fungi and mites infection cause problems such as hair removal, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, ulceration and other problems of the skin. However, mites infections are more itchy than fungal infections. Both fungal infections are generally mainly dandruff and local hair removal, but some dogs also have mixed infections. The specific cause can only be diagnosed with skin scraping mirror examination or fungal culture. It is recommended that you use skin Kang Ling or skin medicine bath liquid to treat it, which has a therapeutic effect on skin problems caused by mites and fungi. At the same time, it is best to drive a worm in vitro. If there are in vitro parasites, it will also cause dog skin problems.

  3. Dogs are extremely common in skin diseases. It is recommended to go to the hospital to check in time and treat them in time after diagnosis.
    The first step: Clean the skin damage skin
    This is cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or medicinal bath, and the hot air blows dry.
    The step 2: Spray high -efficiency sterilization and mite killing drugs at the diseased area.
    Recommended use: Ming Ruining
    Pucting indications: various mites, deep layers, shallow layers, surface fungi, various types of body surface parasites.
    The pet skin disease will also have a certain amount of infectiousness. It is recommended that the environment must be disinfected regularly. Pets can be used for disinfection solution for 1-2 times a week to effectively prevent infection.

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