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  1. 1. Snacks: beef jerky, chicken jerky, small biscuits, are training dogs and promoting emotional weapons with dogs. 3. Nutrition cream: Dogs during the puppies or when they are sick, the feeding of dog food alone is a standard that can not meet the nutritional perfectness, so we must prepare basic nutritional powder or nutritious cream products at home. Supplement the growth needs of dogs. Recommended: calcium tablets, liquid calcium, calcium powder, probiotics, gastrointestinal treasures, goat milk powder, nutrition cream (picky eaters, must be healed at first). Mogan stick: It can help dogs clean their teeth, replenish calcium, and effectively reduce the phenomenon of dog bites. 1. Disposal pads, if you have a dog cage, you can put it on the chassis under the cage. 2. Wet towel paper to help dogs squeeze the anal glands or clean the eye. 3. Sticky rolls, dogs usually lose hair, especially the seasons of hair loss are particularly powerful. The sticky roll can help remove hair, sofas and other places. 4. Pet fragrance, for the healthy skin of the dog, do not use human shower gel or other clean products. 5. Basin and water bowl, if there are many dogs, each dog should be separated by a bowl alone. 6. Boil and cushions. When the temperature difference is large, prevent the dog from being cold. 7. Dog toilet. 8. Gouwn, choose more comfortable, demolished and washed dog foils. 9. Deep removal is very practical for dogs with weight. 10. Disinfection agent, it is recommended that DuPont Wei Ke, regular disinfection of dog nests and environmental sanitation. 11. Toys, for dogs to play daily, grind their teeth, relieve stuffy, choose to bite, and pay attention to the volume of the toy larger than the dog volume.
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