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  1. Dogs are pets that many people like, and there are many people who like dogs. Speaking of 10 "basic supplies" for dog breeding, many pet owners may not buy it. Which one do you buy less?
    1. The dog's nest dog cage dog cage is one of the basic supplies for dog -raising. The dog's nest is used to ensure the quality of the dog and does not directly contact the floor. Dogs, give the dog a safe asylum, can be a "small black house" if necessary!
    2. The dog rope of the collar dog rope is also a must -have for dog raising. The traction rope is an item that is inevitably raised in the city. Once there is no traction rope, the dog can easily lose or accident. The collar is also an important item. It is mainly to mark some basic information of the dog. It shows that the dog is owned by the owner, not a stray dog. Please do not take away the dog or hit it.
    3, dog toilet dog toilet is also a must -have for the main owner to raise dogs, because dogs must be fixed to the toilet at home. In order to facilitate the dogs to go to the toilet and clean The problem of hygiene is easier to clean up!
    4, pet fragrant dog's skin is different from human skin acid and alkali, so using some people with shower gel may cause damage to dog skin hair. Many pet owners will simply choose pets for pets, and separate people with bathing with pet incense waves!
    5, towel hair dryer dogs need to dry the hair in time, otherwise the hair is very easy to cause skin disease. Therefore, the hair tip and hair dryer are the essential dog raising supplies for dogs. Some pet owners who do not have big dogs will not even know that the hair dryer may be consumables, and the hair of the big dog hair may be blown for an hour!
    6, toothbrush rinse, many novice pet owners may not know the importance of brushing their teeth, dogs' toothbrush mouthwash is a necessary supplies. If the dog lacks brushing mouth and mouthwash care, some dogs will have serious bad breath, which makes people dare not get close.
    7, the dog bowl drinking machine dog diet must also be a supplies that are indispensable among dogs. Choosing a slow food bowl for dog bowls is good for dogs to chew slowly, reduce dog food to stimulate the stomach, and the water dispenser is convenient for the owner. When not at home, the dog has enough clean water to drink, which can maintain skin health and prevent kidney stones!
    8. Nutrition supplements For the pet owners who love and pay attention to the health of dogs, dogs' nutritional health products cannot be missing.
    9. Pet probiotic dogs are born with poor stomach and short rectum. Once gastrointestinal problems occur, it is easily affected. Usually eat too fast, it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and vomiting and diarrhea.
    10, dog food snack dog food and snacks are the most important basic products in the process of raising dogs. Dog food provides nutritional energy to maintain dog growth and activities. Essence However, snacks cannot be feed frequently. Dog's staple food should eat dog food, otherwise dogs are prone to malnutrition and picky eaters.

  2. My friend told me in a pet shop to tell me that there are ten products: 1. Dog rope; 2. Dog's toilet; 3. Dog's dog foothills; 4. Dog's special shower gel fragrance waves; 5. towels; 6. Dog's toothbrush rinse; 7. Dog bowl water dispenser; 8. Dog's nutritional supplements; 9. Pet probiotics; 10. Dog food

  3. 1. Brush 2. Rabbing pots 3. Cage 4. Toys 5. Long towel 6. Soft pillow 7. Drinking water basin 8. Dog rope 9. Dog bell 10. Dog food

  4. You must not miss these things at the home of dogs, otherwise it will affect the dogs and yourself, such as led dog ropes, picked bags, mouths, raincoats worn by dogs, and shoes worn by dogs, etc. It is to consider a protection of others and dogs when walking out of the dog.

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