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  1. The dormitory is a collective area. In this residence, we often have a lot of roommates to accompany them, and there are also regulations of Auntan. Therefore, life is still more restrained, and some people are more comfortable to make their lives more comfortable , I will raise pets in the dormitory, so in the prohibited behavior, this is not allowed. If you want to successfully raise your pet, you do n’t need some skills.
    The first, in the usual, you need to hide your pet. Sometimes Aunt Su Guan will go to the dormitory to assault, so if you can't bring it to class, you need to hide your pet in a better place. If you have your own cabinet, and the key is only when you are sometimes you can, you can you can like it. Put the pet into your own cabinet and leave the small holes that can be breathed. In this way, when the aunt checks the dormitory, it is not easy to find the existence of pets.
    Secondly, when you take out your pets and need to take it out to bask in the sun and bend, you need to have a good container to install it, or simply put it in your own schoolbag, and then go out to go out. Putting the pets as soon as possible can make the pets go smoothly, and when you return to the dormitory, you can also do it in the same way, which will also avoid the eyes of Auntan.
    Third, prepare for both hands to allow you to keep pets smoothly. Sometimes, pets are more naughty, so they always scream and mess up, and it is easy to attract the attention of Auntan, so you need to give your bed under enough space, or for the small pet on the balcony. A table or a small container is built outside the place, which can allow it to stay here, and it is not easy to be perceived by Auntan.

  2. My dormitory had raised a cat before, which was picked up outside the roommate. The story took place last year. It happened to be snowing that night, and four people in our dormitory liked to snow very much. As soon as I strolled, I kept strolling from the central green space to the shore of Lake Ruqin, and let the snow beating on my face, and there was no umbrella to cover the snow.
    The thick ones, the gloves and necks are tight, enjoying the ease of time, when I came back on the way back through a street lights under the nine -building dormitory, I found that a kitten was hiding in The green belt next to him trembled, and the snow was particularly obvious against it against it against the light. There was a person in the roommate that was particularly caring.
    This hugged the kitten for a long time, opened his down jacket to put the kitten on his chest, and brought the kitten into the dormitory. It was not discovered when she passed the auntie. Back to the dormitory, a small nest was made for the kitten, a large carton, and put the clothes we usually didn't wear.
    It prevent the cold of the kittens from freezing the weather. Although the air conditioner is turned on, we must be responsible for it. Usually we put the kitten in the bathroom when we are in class, because the aunt will not be in the dormitory. Checking the bathroom, so it was not discovered for a long time, but the kitten was sent away by us.
    not because of being discovered by aunt, but because of our own reasons, there are many difficulties in raising pets in the dormitory. The kittens and we are familiar with us. At that time, after the aunt checked the hygiene, she liked to jump into bed and pulled her shoes and clothes everywhere. The dormitory also had a lot of contradictions because of this kitten. In the end Sister.

  3. We have also done such a thing, and we can use thirty -six plans to help you escape.
    This east. It is also easy to avoid Aunt Su Guan. After all, Aunt Su is also a human, and it is impossible to have three heads and six arms. So when we want to bring our puppy out or bring them in, there will always be a person to talk to Auntan before, so that the attention of Aunt Su is attracted. Then, another person was secretly taking the puppy in. Generally speaking, as long as the angle is found, Aunt Su will not find it.
    Is secret Chencang. I remember when we were in college, we lived on the first year, so the windows could be opened. Of course, the school must lock the window, but we still found the way to open. At that time, it was very simple to go out. Put the puppy outside directly from the window, and then we jumped to the window and escaped. Even if the aunt Su Guan has the ability, it is impossible to patrol the building. If you live above the first floor, you don't need to think about it, it is theoretically impossible.
    The beauty scheme, of course, it is not to give a beauty aunt Su Guan. Instead, I want to give her some benefits. Aunt Su Guan also work for the school, and many of them are not formal workers, so there is no need to complain to students. Especially if you want to talk to Aunt Su and give her some delicious or other interests from time to time, she will open one eye and close one eye. As long thing.
    The king capture king. The most critical point of this strategy is to seize the essence of the problem and find the root to solve it. At that time, the puppy was most likely to be discovered by the dog's scream, so we trained the puppy when we did not yell when we were in the dormitory. This is largely avoided to a large extent.

  4. This has to be said that our bedroom roommates are very smart and wise. Since picking up the dog's dog, our bedroom has a fun and a sorrow. Aunt Su Guan found out what should we do? This dog is about to be thrown out and becomes a stray dog ​​again. This is something we don't want to meet.
    but happened to be very wise in our dormitory. Our school has the major of dynamic sciences. They will use these pet dogs to practice. Although it is cruel, in order to rescue more pets in the future, this is their place. One thing that must be experienced.
    So we tried to use this reason to confuse the level. One of them, a checked teacher really saw the little pups in our bedroom, and said, what should I play? What's going on? Who raised it? Hurry up and go away.
    but when the four of us say ... Teacher, we are in Dynamic Division, this dog will be on the operating table tomorrow. Can you accommodate it and let it finish today. He believed it, he said, are you from Dynamic? what! What happened! Row! Give it delicious and delicious, take good care of it. When the teacher said this, he turned his head and walked away. We smiled secretly behind him.
    This reason we have been in use for two years, and there have been no strange problems, but sometimes, the teacher always doubts that why this dog is still here? Can't you change one?
    I will find another reason to say that he is our experiment, and we have rely on it to write a dissertation. With the reason of our study, we have been avoided by the auntie of Ou Guan. I really admire our wisdom.

  5. Many people like cats and dogs such as cats and dogs, and because of their free time in college, some people choose to raise a pet in the dormitory. But the biggest problem is that pets are not allowed in school dormitories. And Auntan will also check from time to time.
    It, it is not impossible to want a pet in the dormitory. A Alaska dog was raised before our dormitory. Later, it was because the Alaska dog was too big and very naughty after growing into an adult dog. It affected the rest of the surrounding dormitory students, so my roommate took it home to raise it. If you raise pets in the dormitory, it is best to choose some small cats or mini pets. In this way, it is more convenient to raise and carry, and the other is that when someone really comes to check, it can also be hid well. In fact, in college, the aunt management of the dormitory is not as strict as in junior high school. And as an adult who is about to enter the society, we should know how to deal with the auntie Aunt Su, and have a good relationship with Auntan, then you will have a lot of convenience in the dormitory. The people in our dormitory have a better relationship with Aunt Su Guan. Later, Aunt Su Guan knew that as long as we did not affect the lives of other people after raising dogs, we also opened one eye.
    The cats and dogs in the dormitory should try to choose a more docile variety, so that it will not be too manic or naughty and scream in the dormitory. And when raising them, you should try to limit the scope of pet activities as much as possible, and try to allow pets to move only on the balcony or wide area to prevent items that destroy the dormitory. It is also important to pay attention not to affect the rest of other dormitory students. If it is reported by classmates from other dormitories, it is difficult to hide it.

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