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  1. In order to optimize the campus environment of the university, create a peaceful and harmonious campus, further strengthen the management of dog breeding campus, and formulate relevant regulations. Below I will introduce the relevant information stipulated in the management of dog breeding in the university campus, I hope it will be helpful to you.

    ↓↓↓ More content stipulated by dog ​​breeding (Details ↓↓↓) ▲ ☞ 2017 Beijing dog raising registered √√ ☞ Large dog breeding regulations √ √ Management regulations √√ ▲ 区 Relevant regulations on dog breeding of dogs in the community √√ University Campus Dogs Management Regulations I. School administrative office areas, teaching districts, and student dormitory areas are prohibited from raising any dogs. The school campus is forbidden to enter the area, and all dogs are prohibited from entering the campus.
    . The residential area of ​​the school's family members is a restricted area of ​​dog breeding. The dog breeding residents must hold the "Dog Immune Certificate" issued by the relevant departments and the "Dog Raise License" issued by the Public Security Police Station and the dog brand. At the same time, we must strictly follow the regulations or tie. It is forbidden to raise the fierce dogs and large dogs stipulated in the Taiyuan Dog Raise Management Regulations.
    . It is strictly forbidden to raise or bring any small dogs in the school to go in and out of the school. It is strictly forbidden to bring dogs from outside school to enter the campus.
    . The ornamental dogs and pet dogs raised by the family members of school employees and residents must go to the public security organs to go through the procedures of dog breeding. They must take the initiative to establish a consciousness of raising dogs in accordance with the law. Others' legitimate rights and interests. It is necessary to regularly injection related vaccines for dogs, register and check on schedule.
    5. When school workers, family members, and residents leave their households, they must bring dog chains and dogs, and they are led by those who have full civil behavior capabilities to prohibit the open dogs. When walking dogs, avoid the elderly, disabled people, pregnant women and children, and shall not enter the prohibited area of ​​the campus administrative district, teaching area, and student living area. With a dog out of the house, you must bring cleaning utensils to remove outdoor excretion of dogs in time to maintain public environmental hygiene.
    If, school dog breeding employees, family members, and residents who violate the "Regulations on the Management of Teng Dogs in Taiyuan City" cause dogs to be injured. Send it to medical institutions for treatment and pay medical expenses first. If it causes personal damage or property loss to others, it shall bear responsibility in accordance with the law.
    Seven. For unmanned or regulatory dogs appearing on the campus, they will be regarded as stray dogs. The school's defense office has the right to deal with stray dogs in accordance with regulations.
    8. If teachers and students find that there is a phenomenon of raising dogs, dog walking dogs and stray dogs in the school, please call the defense office for 24 hours on duty: 6010350 or 6010377 at the police station in the school.
    . Those who violate the regulations will cooperate with the public security organs to deal with it in accordance with the law.
    I. School property management departments and communities should actively cooperate with relevant government departments to do a good job of dog breeding management, assist in carrying out publicity activities, guide and urge dog breeders to comply with dog breeding behaviors, carry out dogs in accordance with the law, civilized dogs, civilized civilizations, civilizations Propaganda and education of dog breeding, prevention and treatment of rabies. Strengthen the knowledge of dog breeding and public morality. It is hoped that all units and households and residents of the school will attach great importance to it. The majority of teachers and students and family members and family members will actively cooperate to eliminate the occurrence of pet injury and ensure that the campus is safe, harmonious and stable.
    Is to raise dogs nine reasons, educate children's selfless dedication
    The pets can make children learn to take responsibility, learn related knowledge, learn to allocate time, accumulate savings, establish friendship, emotion, loyalty, trust, confidence, confidence, confidence, confidence, confidence, confidence, confidence, confidence And the sense of responsibility
    . Increase your sense of security
    The dogs can become your guard when walking at night, and the dog will warn the break in. Common life will produce a close spiritual connection. The pets you trust are always with you, which is a great spiritual support.
    , the basic curriculum of personal growth
    This learning skills, becoming a good person with a sense of responsibility and patience is the best return for pets. Learning to share happiness and love others is also the element of improving the quality of human life. People with pets will tell you the unparalleled self -satisfaction that cares about pets.
    . Create self -confidence
    The pets will make you regain yourself. You are being loved, dependent, and waiting for your importance. Everyone, each life has its own value, pets can help you discover the truth and make you live and confidence.
    5. Promoting physical and mental health
    Dogs always like to exercise outdoors, and you will be grateful to take them out for a walk. You will find that your belly is small and the waist is slim. Studies have shown that possession of pets can reduce stress, relieve loneliness, and reduce blood pressure.
    6. Learn to be a standard for parents
    This to bring a puppy, it is undoubtedly a preparation course for parents. If you are ready to be a child, but you have no courage to achieve it, you may wish to raise small animals first to learn how to achieve your promise and contribute your care.
    Seven, look for a long -term partner
    The your pet is waiting for you every day at home. They will not abandon you unless you abandon them. They are stable and loyal friends. Although dogs need you to take them for walking and play every day, you get more than you pay.
    eight, give you the opportunity to make friends
    people who have the same variety of pets are always willing to exchange experiences and information, just like mothers always like to talk about their children. Whether you walk in the park or community garden, you can always give you a chance to break the silence and find a topic of talking.
    nine, accept and give unconditional love
    Pets can give you love without any conditions. As long as you give them the care and respect they deserve, they will return you in life for life, return your love and care, especially when you need love most.
    The timeliness of preparing for dogs
    Prinching puppies just need to take care and care of 24 hours a day. Therefore, in some special circumstances, it is not suitable to raise puppies because it may affect you and even affect the sleep and worry of the whole family. Therefore, before greeting a new life, you must understand some things in advance for psychology.
    What should you pay attention to before raising dogs that you must know about dog raising
    The timeliness that is not suitable for dog breeding includes:
    1. Just moved to a new environment.
    2. school when school starts.
    3. Just change new jobs.
    4. There are newly born babies in the family.
    The main reason is that if the arrangement on the time is not abundant, it is easy to neglect the new dog dog, causing the dog to adapt to poor adaptation. In addition, you should also pay special attention not to treat puppies as gifts to relatives and friends at will, unless you and your relatives and friends have completely considered various problems (such as money, time, and emotions) that the puppy will face. Therefore, no matter what your original intention is, if your relatives and friends have a gift without psychological accuracy, it is a very unwise decision.
    In all, fully communicate with all members of the family, and ask relatives and friends who have experienced dogs and the need for flowers, which can make Bai Ji more certain, at this time whether it is suitable for raising dogs.
    The advantages and disadvantages of purebred dogs and mixed dogs
    Many people will have a question when deciding to raise dogs: Is it good to be a pure -breed dog or a mixed dog? In fact, whether it is, whether it is Raising pure -breed dogs or mixed dogs have their own advantages and disadvantages.
    The advantages and disadvantages of purebred dogs
    advantages: can predict the appearance of adulthood. Because it is a pure -breed dog, when you are very young, you know that its future body shape, color, hair length, and even personality.
    Disadvantages: Some purebred dogs have easy diseases. You can understand what are the more common diseases you want to raise according to statistical surveys. For example, common pheasant hydrophilic diseases, large dog gold pickers and Labrador picked hunting dogs commonly hip diseases.
    The advantages and disadvantages of mixed -seed dogs
    advantages: some purebred dogs have only diseases, and some mixed -seed dogs will also be found, but the chance of occurring is relatively low.
    Disadvantages: It is impossible to predict the appearance of the body after adulthood, because it is usually difficult to see the puppy's mother and father, so the puppy's future body appearance, hair, and even personality are more difficult to understand. Breeding.
    In the channel of the dog
    It to raise dogs, in addition to buying from a pet store, there are actually other channels to choose from.
    Animal containment center
    Animal containment center or humanitarian organizations are intermediate institutions that are abandoned or stray animals. The main purpose is to assist these dogs to find families that can be taken care of. The animal containment center hosted by the government, due to the limited room for containment, will often be treated with euthanasia for the helling dogs after a period of time.
    In fact, there are a lot of healthy, even pure -breed dogs, so if you want to raise dogs, you may consider the dogs of the animal receiving center. As long as a comprehensive health check, you can also find a dog that suits you in the containment center, especially when they are about to face the predicament of euthanasia, they will extend their hands in a timely manner, and the meaning of its representative is unspeakable.
    The private reproduction can be used in various ways, such as the network and advertising leaflets that someone wants to sell puppy, but you should be careful when buying, because the risk of such transaction methods is usually relatively high. If you really like the dogs you see, it is recommended not to see if you just see the puppy just born, you decide whether to buy it. You should find a way to see the puppy's mother and father's appearance, body shape and personality. Because it is difficult to understand its future body shape, appearance, and personality from the newborn puppy, this is also the reason for many disputes.
    In addition, you should ask the owner. Whether the puppy has been checked by the animal physician and the information of the doctor. If the dog is particularly thin and the appearance is not good, you should ask his dietary status and eat it, and when taking care of it Special careful.
    Pet shop
    The source of dogs in the pet shop may be obtained from a private or professional breeding ground. Because of this, it is usually impossible to understand the appearance, body shape and character of the dog's father and mother. When you do n’t understand the health status before it, the appearance of the puppy may have a lot of gaps with the expectations in his heart.
    The notice before raising dogs
    Now more and more pet shops are willing to provide consumers for a period of time, that is, within a certain period of time, if the dog's body appears abnormal, it can be possible Return to pet shop or choose other dogs.
    The reputable breeding field
    In general, the breeding field can provide a relatively high -quality dog, whether in the health of the dog or the stability of the variety. If you buy a puppy at the breeding farm, you can usually see the dog's father and mother, and the reputable breeder usually guarantees that the dog is healthy.
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