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  1. First of all, it is necessary to confirm what the dog gastroenteritis is caused by:n1. Primary gastroenteritis is mainly due to improper breeding, hunger and fullness, food corruption, or difficulty in digestion, and unwavering drugs and irritating drugs. This lesion is more common in dogs that eat the internal organs, bones, and meat of animals.n2、继发性肠胃炎是指在某些传染病(如犬瘟热、冠状病毒病、犬细小病毒)及寄生虫病(如钩虫病、球虫病、鞭虫病、小袋虫病、 Gastitis caused during the course of Toxoplasma).nTreatment of dog gastroenteritisn1. Strengthening nursing is the key: dogs need to be placed in places with appropriate temperature; after vomiting can be relieved, it is properly fed to sugar and salt water; warm application of the abdomen; feeding more irritating foods, such as liquid food.n2. Clean up the gastrointestinal: For dogs who are full of bloating and diluted stomach, they should fast, and if necessary, use vegetable oil and other laxatives to clear the intestines.n3. Calm and abolition: Vomiting will increase the damage to the dog's stomach, and it will cause the dog to dehydrate and cause other series of complications. For those with severe vomiting, antivit drugs need to be given.n4, anti -inflammatory and anti -diarrhea are important: by injection of anti -inflammatory drugs, or oral anti -laxatives, symptomatic treatment.nBoth Simiidine and Amka Star are medicated. It is not recommended to use, but if the dog's condition is particularly bad and urgent, you can feed a small amount. You must pay attention to the amount. If you have the conditions, it is best to use animal medicine.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello ~ Dog gastroenteritis can be improved by improving conditioning treatmentnDearnAt the same time, don't eat the food for the dogs to get angryn1 morenBleak

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