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  1. . The etiology of dog enteritis
    1. Dogs have bad things
    , such as corrupt or contaminated foods, or eating poisonous things, irritating drugs, foreign matter, etc. Essence
    2. Abuse of antibiotics
    The abuse of antibiotics for dogs is a normal flora that disturb the intestine, and it will also cause dog enteritis.
    3. Infected bacteria, viruses or parasites
    Dogs infected with bacteria, parasites and viruses, such as small viruses, catalyst virus, tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworm whip and other.

    . Symptoms of dog enteritis
    diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, and toxymal leather are the main symptoms of dog gastroenteritis. At the beginning of the onset, the feces were liquid, and later feces were often mixed with mucus, blood and foam. During the abdominal auscultation, the sound of the intestinal peristalsis is loud, or thunder will be heard. Enteritis is mainly manifested in vomiting frequently. When intestinal bleeding, the feces are coal oil or black. If intestinal bleeding, there will be blood on the surface of the feces.
    The disease dogs are mild or moderate heating, depression, delayed response, general fatigue, and body temperature can reach 39 ~ 39.5 degrees Celsius. As the condition worsens, the dogs will also have symptoms of dehydration and acid poisoning. They stay on the bed all day.

    . The diagnosis method of dog enteritis
    The causes of dog gastroenteritis are many. You need to go to the hospital. Pet doctor can judge the accurate cause.

    . The treatment of dog enteritis
    1. You need to fast for 24 hours to feed the dog for a small amount of drinking water.
    2. Solid, anti -inflammatory, acid poisoning:
    The can give dogs with sodium glucose chloride 30 ~ 70ml/kg and 5%sodium bicarbonate 1ml/kg. Two -day muscle injection of sulfate 4 ~ 5 mg/kg, last 3 to 5 days. Or the muscle injection twice a day celebrates 2 ~ 3 mg/kg.
    3. Anti -vomiting:
    The muscle injection twice a day with a stomach recovered 1 ~ 2 grams/kg.
    4. Anti -diarrhea:
    The 0.5 ~ 2 grams of activated carbon every day, 0.5 ~ 2 grams of tannic acid protein and 0.3 ~ 1 grams of secondary carbonate.
    5. Symptoms:
    The vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K and other vitamins are added to dogs. Diseases with bleeding symptoms also need to inject bleeding 5 ~ 15 mg/kg twice a day. Diseases with heart failure also need to inject strong heart agents.
    Dr. Claw's warm reminder: Click "How to distinguish between dog gastritis and small viruses" to learn more about dog gastroenteritis.

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