1 thought on “Help, how can the dog be pressed by the car?”

  1. First of all, after the pet dog is pressed by a car, you must calmly observe the dog's condition to determine whether its injury is serious. Quickly determine the treatment according to the dog's injury.
    Secondly, if the dog is only abused by gently, the movement is normal after the injury. On the surface, there is no injury to the bones, but there is a slight bleeding on the surface of the skin. At this time, you should disinfect the pet dog and stop bleeding, and then take the dog to the pet hospital to determine whether the dog's bones are harmed, and then processed the next step.
    If the pressure of the dog's dog is serious, it cannot stand normally after being pressed, and there is bleeding. At this time, it is best not to move the injured dog casually. You should quickly find a wooden board (who can lift the dog), and then find some ropes to gently trap the dog to let it slide from the wooden board. Dogs go to the hospital for treatment.
    Note that if the pet dog has been pressed seriously, it is necessary to send the dog to the hospital as soon as possible instead of dealing with the dog with your own ideas, bandage it and fix it on the splint. Remember, you are not a professional doctor, nor do you completely figure out the dog's bone injury. If it is not good, it is more likely to cause the dog to be disabled. Therefore, hurry up to the hospital after the dog is injured.

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