5 thoughts on “How to help stray dogs?”

  1. Returning the stray animals and actively help them (buy a few ham sausages and a bottle of mineral water). Although it is only this meal, it can make it not to be so hungry. Animals are helpful and can also make stray animals feel the kindness of human beings. If they are willing to be loved ones, they may help it meet a good master.

  2. Every place there will be animal assistance stations or animal love protection organizations to contact them to solve them. Rescue stations will provide them with asylum, waiting for adoption. If you have economic strength, go to the animal rescue station to adopt a stray dog, and every rescue of a stray dog ​​will take a position to give the next chance to help the rescue. Again, you can bring a stray dog ​​to sterilize so that there will be no stray dogs.

  3. The little guy walking towards you on the side of the road, you may be the only hope it survives
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  4. If possible, adopt it or adopt it for relatives and friends, which involves some other aspects of knowledge to understand; if there is no condition, you can find it to the local stray cat and dog receiving house or other public welfare organizations; Please feed the box every day and look forward to someone to adopt it.

  5. The most important thing is love, and then some common sense. Do not feed the foods that they cannot eat. Pay attention to the cool and cold, can take a bath for them, and take more time and patience to take care of them. If you are sick, you must accompany them while healing, and they will feel your love and kindness.

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