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  1. 1. German Shepherd and German Shepherd is a very IQ dog. German Shepherd IQ ranks third among dogs. They are widely used as military dogs and dogs. They have a keen sense of smell, strong bite force, and are very loyal to the owner. High obedience, like to obey the host's instructions, have strong learning ability. Raising German Shepherd is a very worry -free thing.
    . Santa Bernab, San Bernard is called Swiss national treasure, with a huge body and a docile personality. San Bernard's shoulder height can be about 90 cm, and muscles are developed. They are natural and friendly, loyal to the owner, and are a good family partner dog.
    3. Alaska sled dog, Alaska sled dog IQ is not very high, but the personality is very docile, the temperament is stable, and it is relatively quiet. High face value, elegant temperament, dense hair, and one of the very popular large pet dogs.
    4, Santa Bernab is a dog with a huge body, strong body and a slightly larger head shape. Its ancestors lived on the Alps at an altitude of 2,500 meters high. Characteristics.
    5, the Newpolon mastiff is an ancient breed, and the pace is slow and heavy. Similar to other varieties, there are very big heads.
    6. The golden retriever dogs are not only cute and lively, but also the IQ is relatively high. It is smarter and flattering. Therefore, it is a very reliable, friendly dog ​​breed, and a modest gentleman in large dog breeds.

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