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  3. First place: Kan Gao Dog

    The shoulder height: 65-95cm

    Weight: 75-100kg

    Kangao dog is a famous dog in Turkey. The pure Kan Gao dog is tall, fierce, and shocking. It is used to look at home guards or shepherds. Kan Gao Dog is also a Giant panda in China. The Turkish Constitution defines Kan Gao dogs as national dogs, national treasures, and "national heroes", and has been presented to the main leaders of friendly countries as national gifts 12 times. Large body Kangao dogs are the largest breeds in the world, none of them. There are not a few Kangao dogs with a height of more than one meter.

    : St. Bernard dog

    shoulder height: about 90cm

    Na dog, the English name: Saint Bernard, also known as Santa Bernard, is native to Switzerland and is known as the national treasure of Switzerland. It also has a long history in Denmark. Getting. It is one of the largest breeds in the world. The San Bernard has a very docile personality, easy to get close, and is very tolerant of children. It is loyal to the owner and is easy to train. If you give enough space, food, and exercise, you can become a good family dog.

    third place: Mastev mastiff

    shoulder height: male 76.2-91cm, female 70-91cm

    weight: 68- 100kg

    Mastiff, Mastiff. It is one of the largest breeds. It is said that Egypt has flowed into the UK with the Persian people and has been reproduced and shaped in the UK. Although its body is huge and embarrassed, it is loyal and stable, smart, and is extremely kind to people. I especially like to play with children. In foreign countries, members of the family are family dogs with rich emotions. The Marmotov dog loves nature and requires a lot of space for running exercises, so family unsuitable households in general apartments are raised.

    Fourth place: Dan Dog

    shoulder height: 70-90cm

    The Great Dan dog is also known as the Great Dan dog and the German mastiff, which was once raised by the European royal family and nobles. It is a symbol of the status of the aristocratic status. The hair is short and shiny, the head is large and narrow, and the hair is yellow brown, tabby, blue, black or black and white flower color. The appearance is noble and elegant, with a large body, full of muscles, strong and strong. Among the large working dogs, it is the only dog ​​that can easily trek long distances. People call it the dog of the sun god.

    Fifth place: Billy Niu Sigo

    shoulder height: 72-86cm

    R N Billy Niu Si Dogs were native to Spain and were descendants brought to Spain from the early Mediterranean crew. At first, as a guard dog. For centuries, the shepherd dogs have been used to drive the sheep every spring. From the low -lying plain of Billy, to the valleys in the high place, they are looking for a plentiful area of ​​pastoral grass and a sensitive alert.

    Sixth place: Caucasian dog

    shoulder height: 65-86cm

    Weight: 50-90kg

    Dogs are a powerful sports dog with super strong ability to protect their main protection. In the 1960s, they were patrolls in the original East Germany as border patrol dogs and patrolled along the Berlin Wall. Many Caucasian dogs are given to ordinary German families. The fine breeding in Germany ensures the future of this cautious and independent dog. With its popularization, breeders pay more attention to choosing their docile quality. The Caucasian dog is one of the largest fierce dogs in the world. Although this dog is extremely fierce, he has a high degree of loyalty to the owner and likes to be close to the owner. At present, it is mostly used for livestock care and security.

    Seventh place: Dabai Bear Dog

    Shoulder height: 63.5-81.3cm

    Weight: 45-60kg

    big white bears, alias, Billy Niushan Dog. Its body is strong and coordinated, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic, with emperor -like manners. It is confident, gentle and friendly, calm and patience, strong sense of responsibility, loyalty and bravery. It is the most powerful dog breed today. Under various climatic conditions, you can loyally adhere to your job. The history of the big white bear can be traced back to the ancient Roman period. It is a dog breed brought to Spain by the ancient Romans. If necessary, it will protect its territory, herds, or families. It usually appears calm, calm, patient and tolerant. The will is very strong, the sense of responsibility is strong, and he is very concerned about the people or animals he is responsible for, loyal and brave.

    : Spanish mastiff

    er shoulder height: greater than 77cm

    It is an animal husbandry and guard dog. Since the 9th century AD, the Bordeaux region in France has been ruled by the UK for hundreds of years. Essence It is not suitable for urban life, but it can adapt to the cold climate. It needs to sort out the back hair frequently. It only needs a small amount of physical training. Generally, the owner and the alarm are alert to strangers. The appearance and calmness are its camouflage. Any emergencies can make a powerful counterattack.

    Ninth place: Newfoundland dog

    shoulder height 66-71cm

    weight 50-68kg
    n Newfoundland Dog was initially discovered in Newfoundland, northeastern Canada. Some people think that Newfoundland is a descendant of Indian wild dogs, while others think that they are similar to the blood of the Canadian Labrador. Because the coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador is close to each other, the Labrador dog is an excellent swimming expert and can swim to Newfoundland. It is a large dog, but it is mild in temperament and does not show dull or irritable. They are not only loyal partners, but also multi -purpose dogs.

    : Tibetan mastiff

    shoulder height: 61-71cm

    Weight: 64-82kg

    Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff, Also known as the Tibetan Mastiff, it is a mastiff dog. It is a fierce dog with a large body. Its hair color is mostly iron bag gold, yellow, black, etc., which are native to the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau. It has a strong temperament, noble and proud, powerful, agile and healthy, poor endurance, and puppies have poor memory before adulthood. The typical characteristics of this variety are high alertness, strong territory, are extremely loyal to the owner, have a strong hostility for strangers in the territory, and are good at protecting the owner and their property. It is determined that it is the best guard dog for the king and the tribe.

  4. 1. Labrador dog

    I believe that everyone should be familiar with La Bullado. People are used to call it Lala, and Labrador dogs are the most in the world's large dog rankings. Suitable for home support is a very trustworthy, IQ and high IQ.

    2, golden retriever

    In the ranking of large dogs suitable for home support, golden retriever is second only to La La La, which is also because the golden retriever is not only cute and lively in appearance, but also IQ is also comparable to comparison High, smart, flattering, so it is a very reliable, friendly dog ​​breed, and a modest gentleman in large dog breeds.

    3. Over time, it is also a large partner dog that is more suitable for people to live, and it can also be competent to guide guide, see the door, and guard work. It is a very loyal dog breed.

    4, big white bear dog

    The big white bear dog looks very beautiful, elegant and dignified, and has a calm personality, loyal and brave character, and also received a lot Human likes, and now they have achieved fourth place in the ranking of large dogs suitable for home support. It can be seen that it is also a gentle and friendly dog.

    5, Husky

    It believes in the impression of most people, the Husky dog ​​is a kind of dog breed that is relatively low and stupid. The special feature of the Husky dog, because of her thick and nervous character, is loved by many people, so it is also one of the more popular large dogs.

    6, St. Bernard dog

    Stars Bernard dogs are native to Switzerland and have been considered to be Switzerland's national treasure, but now the number of San Bernard is not much. The dog is very patient with the children, so it is also one of the large pet dogs suitable for home support.

    7, ancient shepherd dogs

    The appearance of ancient shepherds in the United Kingdom seemed to be strong, but there was a little princess -like heart. One is charming and close to others, and is very loyal to the owner, so it is also one of the lists.

    The above seven are the ranking of large dog breeds suitable for home. I hope you can have more understanding of large dog breeds.

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