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  1. Prepare the dog vaccine certificate, dog certificate, and your personal certificate.
    . Go directly to the passenger station. There is a window for handling, and you have to install it with a cage.

  2. Can't.

    "The Rules for Transportation of Automobile Passengers" has corresponding regulations:
    It 39 to ensure the safety and public hygiene of passengers' lives and property, and cannot carry the following items by car: r
    1. Flammable and explosive dangerous goods;
    2. It is possible to damage, pollute vehicles and items that hinder other passengers;
    3. Animals;
    4. Items with irritating odors;
    5. Corpse and bones;
    6. Standardized by law and government.
    Extension information:
    "Auto Passenger Transport Rules" Related methods:
    It 36 Torter -to -off stations must be announced in time when the starting station is stopped, late or changing the vehicle category. As a result, passengers ask for refunds and should refund all the tickets and do not collect the refund fee. Passengers ask for a change, and the station is responsible for the visa.
    This in the middle of the bus, passenger operators should quickly send the same or similar vehicles. If there is a change in the category of transport vehicles, the fare difference is not refunded.
    It 37 Due to the blockage of the route, the fare must be calculated according to the actual mileage of the road when the train is driving. After selling the tickets by the database, if the shuttle bus resumes the original route, the fare difference will be returned to the passengers by the departure station before the departure.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia- "Auto Passenger Transport Rules"

  3. Just go directly to the ticket hall to consult, and then the ticket window will contact the consignment person to come over to do the formalities with you.

  4. 2012-12-21 Answer
    File health immunization certificate, animal quarantine certificate, transportation equipment disinfection certificate. The previous proof is processed in a local pet hospital, and the latter two proves in the animal quarantine institute in the local area. Animal quarantine storage: Dogs that need to be checked must complete the vaccine (open animal health immunization certificate) for half a month, and the two certificates can be issued after quarantine without adverse reactions. If the local area is not required to handle it, just find the driver to install your dog in the cargo box to consign it, and give a tip.

  5. The long -distance bus consignment of animals, in general, receiving a full price ticket for a person, depending on the size of the dog, too large, which will increase the area of ​​the shipping box.

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