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  1. Instructions for dog breeding
    It to welcome the owner when the puppy just returned home for two to three months. Try to name the same tone as much as possible, the puppy has quickly become familiar with your name
    choosing the puppy where the puppy will settle: you need to choose quiet, dry and humid, good ventilation, warm winter and cool in summer, easy to be easy Cleaning place.
    Dog cage: The static baking paint dog cage and stainless steel dog cage are best. Wood is easily bitten by puppies and causes gastrointestinal discomfort.
    Is when the puppy has decided to rest, the owner must consider which location in the home or yard should be listed as the restricted area. To make the training at home easier, you better limit the freedom of new puppy at home and the yard.
    Me everyone knows that the puppy just likes to bite things. These things may include furniture, slippers, and pipelines in the home. But you should remember that the behavior of puppies bite is very normal. Therefore, you should provide safe toys to meet this needs. You must also put the garbage in the kitchen at the garage or a higher place, making your puppy unable to contact.
    The feed: The main ingredient of white rice is starch and the leftovers or soups in the home contain a large amount of oil and salt. The owner often feeds his own food will cause puppy nutritional imbalance and aggravate the puppy Shen Liji Being able to afford it and eventually develop bad habits such as picking up partial eclipse, and each feed contains various nutritional ingredients calories, vitamin and other experts with puppies. It is the most suitable weapon for puppy to grow quickly.

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